Weekly Re-cap #4

With the Force Friday release behind us and the holiday too it’s back to work for the spoiledbluemilk crew. So lets look at what happened last week in the world of spoilers.

First up Dialog! Lots of it. MakingStarWars has a list of all the new dialog from Kylo, Phasma and Finn including Finn’s “american” accent Here and Here.

Mazlow01: This is just awesome stuff and I think I’m going to do a post tomorrow about filling in the dialog and where it fits in the sequence of the movie.  Nothing too spoiler-ish but the line “destroy the last Jedi” tells us Luke is all that is left and to me implies that Leia never learned to use the force. I’m not sure I like that.

davestrrr: I think Phasma sounds great. You can definitely tell she is a woman by her voice. I’m only pointing that out because in a way that is a departure from other aspects of this character’s design. As for Finn, I think he sounds pretty cool. I think his normal accent would have worked and I’m a little disappointed they didn’t use it, but I think his American accent rocks too.

The Star Wars Databank  updated with a ton of new info here. Nothing terribly revealing there either except the idea that the Starkiller base has a weapon that can destroy an entire solar system.

Mazlow01: I’m a little surprised by the description of the super-weapon. I think they left out its most important feature, it can do so through hyperspace. Unlike the Death Star, the Starkiller weapon doesn’t have to be close to kill. The rest of these seem like the entries on the back of one of the toys.

davestrrr: Some new characters here too. At this point, between the toys and the coloring books, the new characters are coming in so fast, it isn’t clear if any of these are new, or just hit the web yesterday. I’m a little intrigued by Sarco Plank now that I know that he has a history with Luke Skywalker due to “Weapon of a Jedi”.

Episode 8 news Benicio Del Toro confirmed he is in this episode as a bad guy type…

Mazlow01: I’m hoping this means either a Knight of Ren or he’s an a-hole but on the side of the resistance.

davestrrr: No surprise here. Good to get some confirmation of what a lot of people suspected, though. I think the fact that we are getting a new villain is a little concerning. Hopefully he is not replacing one of the bad guys that I want to see more of…I certainly hope that Kylo Ren and Snoke make it past this film and are developed further. There were some reports that Hux doesn’t make it out of TFA alive, so maybe Del Toro’s role will be similar to Hux.

In Rougue one news Mads Mikkelsen wrote the name Galen under his signature on a poster that he and others were signing leading people to believe that is his character name. 1+1=2 most of the time and people are naturally jumping to Galen Marek of The Force Unleashed game.

Mads Mikkelsen - Galen

Mazlow01: I doubt its Galen Marek, its probably just a throw in name to give people a feeling of familiarity. I doubt he will have force powers, I hope he doesn’t.

davestrrr: I also doubt that it is Galen Marek, but hey, when I heard this rumor my first thought was that if it was Galen Marek, what if they develop this character throughout all the anthology films, almost as if we have a trilogy of Anthology films connected by a common villian. If something like that is in the works, then it might be cool to introduce a character as potentially big as Vader’s apprentice. Nevertheless, it seems very unlikely because his age doesn’t really work out with Rogue One unless they change the character for the new canon.