We have dialog, what does it mean?

With the release of multiple “speaking” toys we have our first glimpse into TFA dialog and that leads us to multiple questions. First is will the dialog actually be in the movie as there precedence of that happening(Star Lord toy comes to mind) second where are these in the movie and third who are they talking to? As to the first I believe most if not all of these will be in the movie, though some might end up with a different intonation or slightly different phrasing. As to the second and third question well that’s the point of this article! Note this almost PURE speculation however it is informed speculation. 



“I am immune to the light.” – I see two scenarios for this. First is during his confrontation with Rey while she is held prisoner. I find this one unlikely. The more likely is before the encounter with Han,Kylo is told to “not be sentimental” according to  MakingStarwars.net. I believe this is Kylo’s response.

“No one will stand in our way–no one.” Kylo to Snoke after finding out where our heroes have gone to hide (Maz’s Castle)

“You know what I’ve come for.” This is when he is confronting the person with the lightsaber at the beginning of the movie.
“That weapon is mine.” This is one of two options: to Finn when he ignites the blue lightsaber or when he captures Poe.
“I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.” This is Kylo’s confrontation with Han Solo. Finally gets to face him.
“Is it true, you’re just a scavenger?” This is pretty obviously to Rey when he is interrogating her.
“Don’t be afraid.” This I believe is to Rey once she is captured.
“I feel it too.” To Snoke after his have you felt it line.
“Together we will destroy the Resistance and the last Jedi.” I believe this will be on Starkiller base speaking to Snoke before the battle.
“Don’t fight it. You know you can’t.” Two possibilities here also either Poe or Rey during interrogation. I am leaning towards Rey.



“I never should have rescued you!” To Poe after he gets them shot down.

“Listen, I’ve had a pretty messed-up day!” To Rey after his adventure with Poe.

“The name’s Finn and I’m in charge now.” This one is tricky I could see him saying it to Han after the “We’re home bit but I suspect its to Poe when he gets him out of detention”

“We go back to Jakku, we die.” To Poe as they are escaping. Poe wants to get BB-8 and the lightsaber Finn just wants to run.

“Stay low and put up the shields.” Two choices: To Rey after they steal the MF or to Han when they arrive at Starkiller base. I’m leaning heavily towards Rey.

“We need cover, quick!” I think this one is Rey in the Falcon also.

“FN2187!” This is a response to Captain Phasma asking who he is. OR he is calling out to his friend who is killed by Phasma,

“I. Don’t. Know. What. To. Do!” in the Falcon’s gun turret while running from TIEs on Jakku.



“Move to your ships, now.” I think this is in response to the attack by the resistance.
“On my command… ” Firing on villagers.
“Fire FN2187.” Finn refusing to fire. OR its Finn’s friend who refuses to fire
“Submit your blaster for inspection.” Finn is in trouble. OR FN2187 submits his blaster and is then killed by Phasma.

first order


“Move out! Let’s go!”Landing on Jakku

“We’re taking you into custody.” This is to Rey when she is captured on Maz’s planet

“Drop the weapons, now!” On Starkiller base when Finn and Han are trying to rescue Rey

“Put down your weapons”. Starkiller base when Rey is escaping.

“Sir, resistance fighters!” When Poe shows up to save the day at Maz’s place.