Weekly Recap #7

Here we are. Another Monday, another time to take a moment and look back and recap what happened last week in Star Wars. Looking back and looking ahead I’m both amazed at how little we knew a year ago, and I’m also amazed at how little we know now given that we are less than 3 months away. Seems like some critical plot points are still clouded by mystery and confusion.


Sarah Michelle Gellar tweeted a photo of herself dressed as Leia:


Does this mean she is playing a young Leia in Star Wars Rebels?

davestrrr: This could simply mean she is a fan and just announcing that she is doing a panel at New York Comic Con or something. With that said, I think it is a matter of time before a young Leia will be introduced. She is the same age as Ezra, and I think it would fit the story very nicely. Is SMG playing Leia? I don’t know but I think that would be fantastic!

Mazlow01: I believe she said she’d be on a villains panel at New York Comic con so I think she’ll be a bad guy versus her husband on who plays Kanan.

Episode VII

1. First we have some more Star Wars trading cards, with affiliations, making us think that these cards and their affiliations are not to be taken too seriously. We have R2 as a Jedi, and the Storm Trooper as a Sith. Maybe Kylo Ren being labeled as a Sith should have been a big clue that these cards aren’t too strict, but I guess a lot of people gave them the benefit of the doubt on that one.


davestrrr: I think this draws into question the notion that Rey is a Jedi, at least based on these cards. There is other evidence that she is a Jedi, but now that we know that these cards can’t be taken too seriously, it’s time to move along to other pieces of information.

Mazlow01: Yeah I don’t think R2 is force sensitive so I think we can ignore any speculation one way or another on Finn becoming a Jedi. At least based on these cards.

2. Next we have some new information about Ello Asty. First, we have some insightful connections made to the Beastie Boys, made by MakingStarwars@yak_face and twitter user @JoaquinSlowly pointed out that his name is likely a reference to “Hello Nasty”, the Beastie Boy album. His species Abednedo is a reference to the song Shadrach (well actually a reference to what the song references) The Aurebesh text on his helmet reads “BORN TO ILL”:


So what does this say about his character? Not really sure, but maybe he brings the Beastie Badassitude.

davestrrr: Maybe this guy feels the need to fight for his right to party? I think this guy will just be a cool bad attitude guy, maybe with the personality of Rocket Racoon or something like that.

Mazlow01: Obviously it means he rhymes when he talks and he walks with a certain amount of attitude. Also JJ is a huge Beastie boys fan. BB-8 anyone?

3. Next we have the news from Making Star Wars of Max Von Sydow’s character’s name. The name is: Lor San Tekka

davestrrr: Not sure what we can conclude from this. Do we know if this is a real name or just a fake name? You never know with Star Wars. Some have speculated that he could be Kanan, given that the timing works out. I do hope he has an interesting backstory, and the way things are going they will probably introduce him in an earlier book.

Mazlow01:I think this means we’ll see him in one of the next two Aftermath novels. He’ll be a tie back to the immediate post RotJ era

4. We also heard last week from an interview with GQ that John Boyega cried when he read the script. He also said some things like his character’s story is epic and mirrors the stories of Luke and Han.

davestrrr: I think this means that we will get a pretty great story. We have a great script. I think Finn’s character arc will definitely go on a serious arc, from a lowly stormtrooper, to a hero that sticks up for his friends. He may have to pay for standing up for himself and others in the end, and possibly lose a limb as some have speculated, so we’ll see.

Mazlow01: Now lets speculate how he’s Jedi again! Seriously though I think this means we get Han’s pragmatism with Luke’s overall sense of adventure.

5. Last but not least for Episode VII, we have an interview with Domhnall Gleeson where he describes his character as “merciless”.

davestrrr: This isn’t too surprising. He definitely sounds like Tarkin in many ways, and will probably fill those shoes for this movie. I think without a doubt he is the Tarkin of the ST. Fans will be happy to see him go probably.

Mazlow01: Finally a bad guy! I think he’s the Tarkin of TFA, merciless, unflapable and believes in what he is doing 100%. Hopefully he sticks around for all three.

 Rogue One

We have this report from SW7N that Rogue One is Filming in Iceland.

davestrrr: Great shots. Beautiful vistas. It certainly sounds like some great on location shots. How does this fit with the Yavin rumors and the tropical beach shots that were already taken? Not sure. I can only guess this is a separate planet.

Mazlow01: Cool stuff here… just wish we were getting the info we were getting about TFA at this point.

Episode VIII

We have a report from SWU that Hayden Christensen is rumored to be in Episode VIII. There is other news that this role requires “training”.

davestrrr: Could be a Force ghost thing if true. I’ve thought for a while that the direction that the saga is going is to reveal more and more about the idea of the Force ghosts. Might we see the netherworld of the Force and experience it on screen in the ST? Time will tell.

Mazlow01: I honestly don’t put a lot of faith into this rumor. It’d be cool to see Hayden play Anakin with a great script and director but I think his time is done in universe.

Episode IX

Finally, we have a few words from Colin Trevorrow about Episode IX.

davestrrr: His quote doesn’t say much just that the Star Wars universe is endless and boundless and that any kind of story can be told. I think this speaks to the amount of creativity that one can pour into such a project. Good to know that he thinks of it in this way, but I hope he doesn’t get  too carried away and do like a sports movie or something.

Mazlow01: This type of interview just lets you know what a great job Disney is doing in picking the people involved in making these movies. Could not be happier.