Weekly Recap #8

Is it Monday already? Well last week had quite a few new character bits and pieces come out. Various rumors that seem to back up several of our previously posted theories. Lets not waste anytime and jump right in. And remember as always spoilers abound.



Sarah Michelle Gellar revealed she would be playing the Seventh Sister one of our two new Inquisitors. Not Leia or Mara Jade etc.

Mazlow01: I think this one was expected like we talked about last week. She’s a bad guy. I wonder what happened to 1-6 sisters though….

davestrrr: I was definitely hoping for Leia, but something tells me we will see Leia sooner or later. She fits with the timeline and we’ve already seen her adopted father Bail Organa.

At the rebels press conference they discussed possible live action crossover, Boba Fett and bringing in clone wars characters.

Mazlow01: The two things I really liked are they will only bring in clone wars characters if it fits the story not for fan service and how closely they work with the Story Group to ensure continuity. That is just awesome to me.

davestrrr: I think it could be great. We got rumors of this long ago before even the first season of Rebels, so I’m not too surprised. Who could it be? Some had speculated that we will see Sabine in Rogue One. Ezra would be cool to see in TFA if he survived long enough. Or Kanan. It may end up being a marginal character, or just a cameo, but I personally like to see these kinds of connections, linking up the canon.


The Force Awakens

MakingStarWars reported rumors on the state of the Senate in the New Republic and sounds like not much changed from The Phantom Menace

Mazlow01: Honestly this fits to me. Many of the people that were in power during the Empire probably retained their position after if with diminished power. With the rise of the First Order most of them probably see this an opportunity to grab power and be the corrupt individuals they were before.

davestrrr: One of the big complaints about the PT was too much politics and scenes with the senate, trade negotiations and stuff like that. As long as the keep the Senate stuff light and breezy, and interesting, it could work. Also, this certainly sounds a lot like to PT with Snoke replacing Palpatine. Do we really need to see this again? I would think something like ANH when Tarkin just says “The last remnants of the old republic have been swept away” and keep it quick and simple, then it will work.


Cinelinx reported three new rumors about Finn this week.

Mazlow01: The name is something we guessed at last week. They also report that Storm Troopers get SOME training with a lightsaber so that would explain why Finn feels comfortable using one. And finally Finn is a protege of Phasma, I think this would explain the lightsaber training. Phasma’s group is elite and the get extra  training others don’t. I find all of these to be plausible.

davestrrr: I think as soon as people saw FN2187, this is what they began thinking. That said, I guess I assumed that he had a name before becoming a Stormtrooper. I assumed all stormtroopers had names, but could be wrong. Frankly, I’ll be a little surprised if he didn’t have a birth name. However, I will say this makes his beginnings seem even more basic and not very privileged. It will make his transition in the ST seem all the more powerful in that he will go from nameless humble beginnings to something greater.

Finally MakingStarWars also had some tidbits about Rey .

Mazlow01: I have to be honest I’m not a fan of these rumors. They aren’t terrible but they just don’t seem… Star Warsy? I don’t know it could just be a base idea that was corrupted on the retelling.

davestrrr: I don’t mind this. I think this harkens back to the OT where Luke and Leia were split up and put on out of the way planets. The same could be true of Rey. She was put on Jakku for her protection by her parents. My pet theory is that her father is Luke and she was put there because the Knights of Ren are hellbent on destroying the last Jedi and their offspring.

Episode VIII

Over at Starwars7news.com they reported on the short list for a new female lead.

Mazlow01: I’m curious if this character is a baddie or the “Lando” of this trilogy. There are some quality actresses listed there which is very encouraging.

davestrrr: The amazing thing about Star Wars is they can basically handpick anyone they want out of the entire world. Who could she be? A new baddie would be very interesting. Keep in mind, though, there are still some female characters that we haven’t heard much about. What about Crystal Clarke? What about MAISIE RICHARDSON-SELLERS? So at this point it is too early to begin to think about who this new character could be.


Rogue One

Turns out Alan Tudyk almost had to say no to Star Wars because of his passion Project Con-Man.

Mazlow01: That would have been a damn shame, luckily it worked out. If you didn’t see Con-Man first download… go do that. Alan is a great actor, I’m really happy he is going to be in Star Wars.

davestrrr: Yeah, this guy is a good actor. I think this may be one of those situations where a mo-cap character is ideal, because too many people will recognize him from Firefly, which may be weird since the two franchises are both kind of space westerns in many ways.