Weekly Recap #9

Were are now only 11 weeks away from The Force Awakens! After a period of slim pickings, some new rumors are starting to trickle in. Seems like things are being kept locked down pretty good at LFL. Let’s take a moment to recap the past weeks news and rumors with Weekly Recap #9:

We got a bunch of news about TFA, the whens, wheres, and hows:

davestrrr: The no critics thing, I’m not sure of. From what I’ve heard, people are going to love it. However, maybe Disney is playing it safe. Really safe. Never can tell with haters these days. The other stuff is basically not a huge surprise. The length of the film seems to fit with the other movies, and is a good length. Wish I could be in LA for the first screening, but I’m guessing tickets are impossible.

Mazlow01: Let me go through these quickly. No critics is a good sign! If they say no critical screenings two weeks before release its because they have a turd on their hands if they say it two months out, GOLD. Plus they are still trying their hardest to keep the film under wraps. I’m surprised they have a final cut already. I wonder if this means special effects are done too or if they have the scenes in order and just need final CGI additions. I like the longer run time and I really wish i could go tthe screening on the 14th.

New leaked image of a ship in TFA, featuring Leia, Ackbar, and others:


davestrrr: Looks cool. The cockpit on the right reminds me of the Falcon. Kind of a neat design. I guess we aren’t really sure if this is Ackbar or Leia at this point, but that would be cool if they are hanging out on the ship. I think an exchange between Ackbar and Leia in the movie could be comedy gold if done right!

Mazlow01: This looks like a modified B-wing to me.  Are Leia and Ackbar flying around in it or are they just there to add in characters? Also how cool is it that Ackbar is back!

Lots of trailer rumors out there. Most of the dates are ranging between October 16th and October 19th, so the best bet is within that range.

davestrrr: Just bring me the ******* trailer!!! Seriously, next Friday would be sweet. That way, I can stay up all night watching it again and again without worrying about needing to get up in the morning. Bring it!!

Mazlow01: I think we’ll see it online on the 16th personally to hype the pre-order tickets sales on the 19th. Just my opinion.

We have a report from MakingStarWars that tells us that General Hux comes from a long line of Imperials, going back to Berol Hux, who could be his father (or maybe grandfather). This is part of Servants of the Empire #4, and also features Zare Leonis.

davestrrr: Given that General Hux is probably early 30s I guess, then father actually makes sense to me. Berol Hux could have had kids some time after RotJ if he survives. I haven’t read this, but I’d be interested in seeing Zare’s role. Last we heard he was trying to track down his sister. I’m of mixed feelings, but it could possibly be cool if Finn was somehow related to one of them. At this point, if there is a familial relationship to another character, Leonis makes the most sense.

Mazlow01: I’m thinking grandfather, which is cool and explains his evil zealotry that Domhnall Gleeson has mentioned.

New interview with John Boyega from V Magazine. In it John says that the narrative of Finn is like nothing else in the Star Wars saga. He also said we have no idea about the story and the plot twists…

davestrrr: I’m loving the line about no idea about the story! I hope he’s right. As deep into spoilers as I am, I’d love to be completely surprised.

Mazlow01: I like the idea of a new type of narrative, though I question his info on if we have any idea on what the plot entails. I wonder exactly how much he or JJ or anyone else actually looks at message boards.

We have some new images of BB8 from comicbook.com that shows some of BB8’s weapons. These could give some details of events that may take place in the movie:


davestrrr: I’m guessing there will be a ton of scenes with BB8 doing stuff with his gadgets. He is an astromech, after all, so it would make sense that he has all sorts of tools up in there. I can’t wait to see this little guy in action!!!

Mazlow01: I guess based on R2 I figured he’d be more than just a rolling ball that being said R2 has been shipped with  “weapons” before that never amounted to anything.