Weekly Recap #10, Part 1: We have a Poster!

It’s our 10th Weekly Recap, hence our 10th week of operation at Spoiled Blue Milk. And what a week! We’ve decided to devote part one of this recap to the newly released The Force Awakens official movie poster. How much can you get out of a poster? Quite a lot. 

Hi Res image of The Force Awakens Poster!

I. The first thing you’ll notice is that Rey is center and top, indicating that she is a major character. Kathy Kennedy recently stated that Rey was “extremely significant to the plot” of The Force Awakens. The poster reflects that.

davestrrr:  This isn’t terribly surprising, and I think this confirms what many had suspected. Rey looks amazing in this image. Powerful, beautiful, wise beyond her years. Rey is the main character of this film. I think a lot of things suggest she is the Skywalker one way or another, either through her mother or father. Time will tell exactly whose child she is, but I think everything points to either Luke or Leia. I think she is a great new figurehead for the new Star Wars! Gotta love Daisy.

Mazlow01: She is the center of everything. I also like how her staff is aligned with Kylo Ren’s… Significant I think so! Almost like they are two sides of the same coin. Luke’s kid vs Leia’s kid in my mind

II. The next thing interesting is appears that Finn has some moves with the lightsaber. At least, his pose is good enough that it suggests that he knows what he is doing with a lightsaber already.

davestrrr:  Given my last post, I kind of was wondering if Finn would be a Force sensitive. Can a non-Force-sensitive wield a lightsaber? I think either the stormtroopers are trained to user a lightsaber, which would go along with the old wampa claw saber rumors and them being weilded by Phasma, or Finn somehow has a secret life as a Jedi. Leaning toward the first.

Mazlow01: I’m with you previous training as a Storm Trooper. Also he is totally force sensitive. I am betting Maz Katana trains him.

III. The StarKiller base. This is probably the first time we get to see it. The thing really is huge and looks like it spans the equator of a planet.

davestrrr:  This was bigger than I expected. I kind of imagined a base on a planet, not something that spans the whole planet. This is a bit of a shock to me, but I guess things like this take some time to settle in. This thing is huge. No wonder it can blow up a star.

Mazlow01: Yeah I’m not sure what to think here, is it really Starkiller base? Could this be the Resistance’s superweapon? I don’t know as of right now it looks like Death Star 3.0 which I am not a fan of that being said I trust JJ and crew to do a good job. Maybe this floats in space and the planet provides the power?

IV. Next thing we noticed was, No Luke. The character is nowhere to be found on the poster.

davestrrr:  All signs point to Luke only being in the movie for a brief moment at the end. I like this ending, and I guess this poster design reflects that pretty well. Luke is an extremely minor character in terms of screen time, but plays a significant role in the plot.

Mazlow01: Right about now all of the people that have been down on MSW are privately eating crow. He got so much hate honestly to me this poster is a great told ya so for him.

V. The next thing we noticed about this poster was the fact that Kylo Ren’s and Rey’s weapons are perfectly parallel. Could this be symbolic of them being twins?

davestrrr:  This reminds me of the D23 poster. I can’t help but think this is of some significance. I think it means twins, because perfectly parallel would be too much for just siblings or cousins. That’s how I read it at least.

Mazlow01: Like I said above they are definitely related… two sides of a coin.

VI. The next thing about this poster worth mentioning is there are reports that it isn’t drawn by Drew Struzan.

davestrrr:  I didn’t know this, but it does look like real photographs and digitally made on the computer. This wouldn’t be Drew’s style. I’m not sure why they would use Drew for the lesser poster, but maybe they wanted a different look for the main poster.

Mazlow01: Drew didn’t do the OT he just did the PT. I like this poster so I don’t care who did it!

VII. Last but not least is this little guy. There is a character that we haven’t seen in the middle of the poster!


Mazlow01:Its MAZ! I think. If it is Maz the  outfit look different than we saw in the trailer, at least to my eyes. Also that grin is…odd. Maz looks almost child like, not what I was expecting.

davestrrr: I think you’re right! Maz Kanata it is. Doesn’t look anything like I expected, and I expected a female alien. Nothing here tells me this is a female, but I guess you never know with aliens.

…Stay tuned tonight for our review of the trailer! Update: here is our review of the trailer!