Weekly Recap #10, Part 2: We have a Trailer!

First  things first if you  haven’t watched the trailer lets take care of that now. If you have, lets watch it again.

Now that we have that out of the way lets break it down! ( Our interpretations of the trailer are based on spoilers, so consider yourself warned. Spoilers Ahead!!!)


1) We start off with Rey doing her scavenger thing Maz Katana: Who are you? Rey: I’m no one. (0:08-0:34)

Mazlow01: We finally see Rey in full costume and moving around the star Destroyer like MakingStarWars.com mentioned a few months ago. Pretty cool. More of Rey by herself and with BB-8 and a cool shot of a ship rising in the distance. Perhaps this is The First Order ship taking Poe back as a prisoner?

davestrrr: This just seems way more “real” than I could have imagined. The detail in the insides of the Star Destroyer hull. Amazing! The image quality on youtube is so good, I can’t imagine what it will look on the big screen!! The insides of that Star Destroyer looks like a combination of practical (hrrnnnnggg) and CGI effects. This feels so emotional. Rey saying that she is nobody. Seems so sad that she is all alone. Comes across well in just these couple shots.


2)  Finn: I was raised to do one thing but I’ve got nothing to fight for. (35-48)

Mazlow01: Ok so now we know why Finn and Poe crash land their ship is totaled! Also this dialog lends credence to the idea that Finn was taken as a child and raised to be a storm trooper. That last shot is very Luke and Obi-wan looking at Mos Eisley pre SE

davestrrr: Yeah, I guess it does kind of suggests, with Finn’s statement that he was “raised to do one thing”, it kind of suggests that the stormtroopers are trained to be soldiers from a young age. How could this be? I thought the idea was the after the Clone Wars, the troopers were all volunteers, but maybe after a certain point, they started training them at the age of children. In this way, this is kind of like Jedi. At any rate, super emotional. You can’t help but feel for these poor characters. Finn looks so alone and at the end of the line, and it all comes across so well in the trailer. Hopefully it works as well in the actual film.


3) Kylo: Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish what you started. (49-1:05)

Mazlow01: Ok so the first shot we see here has got to be Kylo Ren watching the firing of Starkiller base. It almost looks to me as though he is following the beam. Then we have Kylo using the force to interrogate Poe and what to me is a shot of what the Starkiller base does. Also I like Kylo’s voice here sounds much better than the toys did.

davestrrr: First off, I want to say that Kylo’s voice sounds way better than it did in the other recordings I’ve heard. Love the shot of him looking out the windshield of some ship or base. The jetblack colors and reds. I guess this is the Star Killer base?  Looks perfectly dark side. And Poe, we finally are introduced to Poe, but with respect to Kylo’s actions. Poe looks like he is hurting, but holding on. The other shots are more of what we’ve seen of the Millennium Falcon flying, but the detail is just amazing.


4) Rey: There were stories about what happened. Han: Its true all of it. (1:06-1:22)

Mazlow01: Ok those are some great shots of the Millennium Falcon flying. I also liked the holographic display…looks like the ol hunk of junk got some upgrades. Based on the dialog Luke’s story is more myth than fact in the galaxy. Maybe his Academy wasn’t what we thought.

davestrrr: This was one of my favorite parts. This reminds me of the scene with Alec Guiness telling Luke about the Jedi, but done in Han style. Love the hologram inside the Millennium Falcon. Sort of blends PT and OT styles.


5)  Han: The darkside, a Jedi, they’re real. (1:23-1:44)

Mazlow01: Ok so we see the Knights of Ren only Kylo has a lightsaber lit though. Also 7 of them, which calls back to MSW “The Seven” from I think last year. We see what appears to be the attack on Maz’s place then it cuts to a bro moment between Poe and Finn with Han saying “A Jedi” while focused on Finn. Honestly at this point if he doesn’t become a Jedi then I’ll be pissed. Then Han Finn Rey and BB-8 going into Maz’s place and a really cool droid walking out. Then we have Kylo’s command ship landing and it appears the “wings” angle. The toys don’t, so that is new, then another Bad Ass shot of Phasma (All Phasma shots are BA) and Kylo cutting someone/thing down.

davestrrr: If this is the Knights of Ren, then…that’s badass. They look pretty cool, but it’s hard to see them. The one on the right might be female, but hard to tell. Need more detail! Yeah, all signs point to Finn being a Jedi!! After this trailer, if Finn isn’t a Jedi, this will be some serious misdirection. I can only conclude that both Rey and Finn become Jedi.


6) Maz: The Force its calling to you. Just let it in(1:45-2:05)

Mazlow01: We start off with Rey crying over a person in the snow. I think this is Finn after their duel with Kylo Ren. By the spoilers we have Han dies before they are in the snowy forrest. Then we have Chewie, Finn and Han surrendering until something changes. I’m thinking its not Ewoks this time (this is on Maz’s world)Then we cut to several action shots, the attack on Starkiller, FO attacking at Jakku, Rey fighting back at Maz’s and a few more quick shots. Then Han comforting Leia which appears to be as everyone behind them gets ready for something big. Then we end with Finn facing Kylo Ren who appears to have taken off his mask… I have to be honest Kylo does not seem concerned but Finn looks like he’s game. He found something to fight for now.

davestrrr: What happened to make Rey cry like that? Almost certainly after the loss of a major character. I assume this is after the loss of Han. Interesting that Kylo doesn’t have his mask at the end. I think that will be a big reveal, that he is just a person and not some kind of cyborg or badly damaged face or something. The detail, the lighting, everything looks amazing! The duel between Finn and Kylo looks intense. However, I know Rey will have to join in and take down Kylo. That’s what I’m expecting anyway.