Who owns the Millennium Falcon?

After they team up, the heroes Rey and Finn get chased down by TIE fighters. As Rey leads Finn and they run across the dessert, they end up to a ship with an open door and platform. It’s the Millennium Falcon, and the run in and take off. The Falcon is on Jakku, and Rey runs straight to it. Let’s try and navigate through the confirmed and rumored info, including spoilers, about the Millennium Falcon.

We all know Han is the true owner of the Millennium Falcon. He won it from Lando fair and square. That gets us to RotJ, when Han had a feeling that he would never see the Falcon again as Lando piloted it to blow up Death Star 2. Given how relieved Han and Chewy are to be back in the Falcon in the second teaser (“Chewy, we’re home) It makes you wonder, did Han never see the Falcon until the beginning of TFA? Who owns the Falcon at the beginning of TFA?

Could it be Rey?

The images for the above sequence speak for themselves and tell the story of the intro paragraph in this post:


Then, according the the MSW plot synopsis, Rey pilots the ship into the rear engines of a crashed Star Destroyer, and the TIEs chase her inside. She pilots through a dangerous path, and is able to whip  through there because, according the synopsis, “she knows the way”. Now we are left wondering; how could Rey have gotten so skilled a piloting through the Star Destroyer? She may just be using Jedi reflexes, or she might have remembered the path from her scavenging. What if Rey has actually taken the Falcon through this path before? 


If Rey owned the Falcon, it would answer a lot of questions. It would explain why Rey knows the way to lead Finn to the Falcon. It explains why the doors would be open, because maybe she already opened them. It explains why she already knew how to pilot it and start it up so quickly. It explains how she already knows how to pilot the Falcon with such skill that she can take it through the winding path through the Star Destroyer.

If she already owned the Falcon, it could be because she salvaged it on Jakku from earlier. Since the Millennium Falcon was last seen with the Rebellion in RotJ, then it could have been used later by the Rebels in the Battle of Jakku. I think everything would make sense if the Falcon was left on Jakku some time after the battle, or possibly even during the battle. Rey salvaged it, then fixed the satellite dish herself. How could she get a satellite dish on Jakku? Because she also salvaged a dish from a CR90 Corvette since the Republic is known to have used these in the Battle of Jakku. We can see pretty clearly they are the same dish (zoom in of Empire magazine cover):


Here’s an image of a plausible scenerio with a CR90 Corvette crashing in the Battle of Jakku (upper right corner, image from video game concept art on wookiepedia):


Here’s a bonus gif from the new Trailer:


No before we jump to any conclusions here, another theory out there is that Tasu Leech owns it. Why? Because he is included in the Lego Millennium Falcon set. Here are the images from a tweet:

With that said, if the basis for thinking that Tasu Leech owns it is because he is included in that set, then that reasoning would also apply to Rey, who is also included. If Tasu Leech or the Kanjiklub owns the Falcon, that fits with an earlier rumor for MakingStarWars saying that Han

pissed off a bunch of different dudes somehow and they want the Falcon.

probably lost the Falcon days–if not moments–before The Force Awakens begins.

However, this rumor predates the trailer where Han says “Chewy we’re home”. I’m just saying it seems like Han lost the ship long before TFA because why else would he be that relieved? If he did lose it to Tasu, or “Ducain and the Irving boys”, as that rumor reported, then why does Rey know how to fly it so easily? It would make sense, under this scenario, if somehow she was involved in fixing it for this gang that owns the Falcon. Some of the shots from the trailer suggest that Rey can fix things. She looks like she’s fixing some gadget here:


So maybe she has a reputation as “good at fixing things” (like her relatives????) and is stuck scavenging for parts repairing things for people on Jakku to get by.

So what do you guys think? Does Rey own the Falcon, or did she just randomly happen up on it in Jakku City and take off with it? Leave your comments below.

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