Weekly Recap #12: November 2nd 2015

Greetings, everyone! We had quite a week last week with a few leaks and news nuggets. There may be some spoilers here, so be warned. Also, thanks for making last week our biggest week yet here at SpoiledBlueMilk! Let’s begin…

1. We got a new image of B-U4D (a.k.a. Buford) from a post at MSW:

mazlow01: Honestly not how I imagined the character when I saw the first mention of it. Kinda looks like a robot verson on the cranky monster lady from Monster’s Inc.

davestrrr: This guy looks interesting, but also impractical. What if he drops something, can he pick it up? Are those walking legs? It does look sufficiently StarWarsy though. I guess we’ll have to see this guy in action to understand what he’s all about.

2. In a similar post at MSW, we also got images of R2 and BB8 and one of C3PO.


mazlow01: Nothing special here but it does confirm to me that R2 and C3PO will barely being the film based on the locations we’ve seen them. Which is a shame as I always saw them as the ones telling the stories. I saw somewhere that BB-8 is a “girl” but for the life of me can’t remember where., just a tidbit

davestrrr: Yeah, nothing tremendously new here, but still cool to see some images. Not sure why the images are so grainy. That almost makes me think someone is deliberately making these look like they are “leaked” images.

3. We have a new article with Daisy Ridley interviewed by Carrie Fisher

mazlow01: This was a Carrie Fisher interview. Nothing new Carrie is being Carrie and Daisy seems like a great new actress.

davestrrr: This was worth the  read just for Carrie’s witty banter. The photos of Daisy are really great. She looks like she is set to be quite a heart-throb. She says she is not a sex-symbol, but it seems like it’s inevitable.

4. Harrison Ford was interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel. Harrison remains tight-lipped, but assures the audience that the movie is great. This adds to a slew of positive comments about the movie. So many that it makes you think they’re all contractually obliged to say it’s great. Either that or it’s genuinely an awesome movie!

mazlow01: Honestly it was pretty cool I love how Harrison is so emotive and awesome in movies and in every interview he just seems so uncomfortable. I will say Harrison if he really likes a movie he says it and if he doesn’t he just has nice things to say about his costars or he had fun.

davestrrr: Harrison is great in this interview. He is slower and gruffier than he used to be, but he’s still awesome. Nice to see that he’s happy to be in the film and that it’s as good as he says. This, plus Kevin Smith and Drew Struzan saying how good the film is really set the expectations quite high.

5. New Duracell commercial shows Force-sensitive girl in Rey’s outfit. It also shows C3P0 with a red arm, confirming the previously seen images.

mazlow01: I really liked this but it does seem to be focused on adults rather than the kids to me. Maybe I’m just old and kids love it. Still it was pretty cool.

davestrrr: Seeing that little girl in the Rey costume doing a Force-push made me think that Rey is a Force-sensitive. I already thought that, but in a way this commercial confirms it. I think this will make more sense when they run this commercial after the film’s release during Christmas. Anyway, to me this is very suggestive.

6. Peter Mayhew talks Daisy and John and his experience on set with Bmag

mazlow01: I think the biggest thing is how Daisy seemed on set to how she is now. I can see her being overwhelmed and wanting to seem professional and someone puilling her aside to say “Hey loosen up” I’m glad we’re seeing the real Daisy instead of professional Daisy.

davestrrr: Yeah, I could see anyone being stiff when on a big movie set for your first major movie. A lot of pressure. I agree that by the next movie, she will be in here element. That said, the shots we’ve seen of Rey suggest that Ridley is an excellent actor and is quite emotive. I have also noticed what Mayhew says about Boyega–he is very emotive. His facial expressions are quite pronounced.

7. Finally this isn’t news per se but I did want to call attention to the effort to make sure a young man with terminal cancer gets to see Star Wars: The Force Awakes 

mazlow01: Honestly I hope he gets to see it soon. It would not surprise me if JJ brought him in to watch it.

davestrrr: Hope that he get’s his wish! I know I’d be wishing the same thing if I were in his shoes.

…have a great week! Stay tuned to SpoiledBlueMilk.com on MWF for more updates.