Weekly Recap #17 December 7th 2015

10 days. Just 10 days until we be in a theater to watch The Force Awakens! Of course the promo machine has kicked into high gear and every cast and crew member that can be interviewed is being interviewed. So we sorted through the new to give you our readers the spoilerly news you deserve!


1) Promo clip “Destiny” with a couple of new shots

mazlow01: So most of this is stuff we have seen however the new shots of Rey and Leia tell me something. Both are from the end of the movie. This most definitely from Rey and Leia’s goodbye before she heads to meet Luke.

davestrrr: Great clip! Those two shots at the end of Leia and Rey are pretty new. Not one of Carrie’s best smiles, but it’ll do. Love the new Rey pic! This pic reminds me of the end of TPM when Anakin get’s cleaned up and is smiling about venturing into his new life as a Jedi. Could this be the end of TFA?


2) New International TV spot with new footage

mazlow01: This mainly just new shots of aerial battles but holy cow the aerial battles look so much better than any previous ones! Also there does appear  to be a brief shot of the interior of a ship with Kylo that is similar to a previous shot where he ignites his lightsaber.

davestrrr: Nice. The Rey piece was especially good with a couple of new shots here and there. I love the shot when she takes off her mask. Man, it feels like we are seeing too much of the movie!! The Spanish one is really trying to milk the Oscar Isaac thing.


3) People clarifies Snoke’s height  among other interviews

mazlow01: As we thought Snoke is tall but not 25ft tall. Apparently he’s 7ft “something” which I think means closer to 8″ than not.  He’s also really thin which is another McQuarrie concept call back to the orginal design of the emperor. Unfortunately this has once again brought back the Plaguies conspiracies. Listen people JJ learned his lesson with Khan. Get over it Plaguies is dead.

davestrrr: Phew! I think this is what we concluded, but still glad he isn’t King Kong height and can actually fit inside a door etc. That will make for better story telling I think.


4) Toys reveal minor characters 

mazlow01: More McQuarrie concepts! Cool but nothing great.

davestrrr: I like the Wolfman! Very reminiscent of the Cantina scene.



5) Twitter Awakens Confirms Rey vs Kylo Ren! 

mazlow01: Any one that has followed the spoilers knew this but finally confirmation! This did piss off people but lets be honest what doesn’t these days. Also Daisy and Oscar singing a duet was great! They both can really sing!

davestrrr: The fight is what I’m waiting for! We reported a leak last week on this, but it is good to have confirmation. This is the fight that everyone will be talking about! This will be the point that we may learn the truth about Rey’s backstory.


6) There were a TON of new interviews with the cast and crew… too many to link.

mazlow01: I was going to link the interviews here but honestly none of them REALLY gave us new info and I would have to put a link on every letter of the title. The one thing I did take is the cast has great chemistry, they’ve seen the movie and liked it and John and Daisy’s personalities are just fantastic.

davestrrr: So many interviews that I can’t keep up! The Aol stuff was pretty length and good. Except the guy kept talking about his “nerd tears”. Looks like everyone is doing the rounds and doing lots of interviews, but nobody is leaking too much anymore.


7) Women of Star Wars 

mazlow01: Thank you KK! Honestly the more diversity we can get in Star Wars the better for it quality and longevity.

davestrrr: Yeah, I think this is good. I think movies in general need more strong female characters. From what I can tell, Rey is shaping up to be a very strong AND beautiful female character that everyone can look up to.


8) Episode 8 casting and location rumors 

mazlow01: The key to me was the travel to Spain. For whatever reason that makes me think of Naboo. I hope that is where we going!

davestrrr: Naboo seems doubtful since that was Italy. Who knows. What about something in the country-side? Beaches? Hills? What about this pic: