Weekly Recap #19: December 21st 2015

Hello Star Wars fans! HOLY COW THERE IS A NEW STAR WARS IN THEATERS NOW!!!! Oh and its pretty damn good. Believe it or not there is also some news on other fronts too. We’re here to bring you your weekly recap. Lets dive right into that.


1) The Force Awakens has broken just about every record it can 

davestrrr: Not terribly surprising, but no less awesome. The tickets went on sale two months prior to showing, which is largely unheard of. The movie is great. The first reviews are off the hook as is word of mouth. I think this will keep going for many weeks to come.

mazlow01:  This is not completely surprising. I am disappointed it didn’t get the worldwide record but hey its not even going to be in China until Jan 9 (Why Disney why?) I expect the overall total to end up being around 2.5 billion world wide. I just don’t see Avatar going down but I could be wrong. What is great to me is I know of 5 people personally that avoided going this weekend and are going to see it this week. This train is going to keep going.

2) You can already pre-order your copy of The Force Awakens on Amazon

davestrrr: Holy Snokes this is a bit of a surprise. That means they have already planned when they will take it out of theaters. I was happy to just get the visual dictionary and now I have to start thinking about getting the movie on blue-Rey?

mazlow01: This is tempting but I want to wait to see what special boxed edition they will have available with extras galore.

3) Variety has a great article with Daisy Ridley where she reveals her opinion on the Episode 8 script. 

davestrrr: That is TWO “very good”s there. Not bad. JJ has basically said the same thing and said the script was amazing.

mazlow01: Is this surprising? I know JJ is overlooking everything still and Rian is writing both Ep8 and 9 so it should be fantastic.


4) Forces.tv tells us Rogue One is using real military as extras! 

davestrrr: Very cool. I’m guessing this could add some authenticity to the performance. Hopefully it works. I don’t expect excellent dialogue from them, so probably just extras.

mazlow01: Now this is pretty cool. I wonder what exactly they need them for in this movie… good gracious I want to know more about this flick.

5) MSW has some cool insight into the casting process of Episode 8 

davestrrr: Jedi characters hopefully? I agree with them that using Plo Koon and Ki Adi Mundi isn’t too significant, but I wonder if they could be playing Jedi that were trained by Luke? Could it be that not all of the new academy was killed by Kylo Ren? Could they be members of the Church of the Force, like Lor San Tekka? Interesting possibilities there.

mazlow01: I do hope we get a new character ala Lando in this one. Maybe someone else force sensitive? More Jedi please!


6) Both Yoda and Obi Wan were in TFA, and both Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor performed Obi Wan!! Head to EW for the news.

davestrrr: This is really cool. I heard somewhere else that the Alec Guinness “Rey” was from “He betrayed and murdered your father”. Cool that they were able to do that. I heard both Yoda and the Rey in the theater and also thought it was spot on Guinness.

mazlow01: I didn’t notice this when I watched.  I guess this is yet another reason for repeated viewings