The future of Maz Kanata

Maz Kanata is one several characters that made an impression with minimal screen time in The Force Awakens. Perhaps only Snoke has an unknown backstory and future that creates as much speculation as Maz. Instead of the past, today we are going to dive deep into the Force and try to see the always moving future of Maz Kanata. This post is almost exclusively speculation based on available information, spoilers may occur so beware.

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Is Finn Force-sensitive?

Hello Star Wars fans! We’re back for another spoiler-fueled article on The Force Awakens. This time, to contemplate whether or not Finn is a Force-sensitive. This is a question that a lot of people have been wondering after the movie.

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Death Stars and Star Killers: New Insight from Rebels?

Hello Star Wars fans! The news is coming fast now, for Rebels, Rogue One, and Episode VIII! This is the exciting part, when we have just enough information to start speculating. One thing is clear, there are a lot of opportunities for connections on all of these, plus with The Force Awakens. In particular, there is a specific line of events that has the potential to connect a great deal of the Star Wars saga, and it goes from the “Sith Temple” seen on Rebels, to the Death Star, to Star Killer base, connecting the PT, the OT, and the ST all in one fell swoop if done right. As usual with our site, spoilers are the norm, so consider yourself warned. Now let’s get into it.

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The Symbolism of Masks in The Force Awakens

Masks have a long history of symbolism in many different cultures. Masks can be used to evoke fear, humor, and reference something else like an animal or a monster or whatever. It can also serve a lot of other meanings too, and the Star Wars saga is no stranger to masks. Consider, for example, how the Storm Troopers used helmets that also serve to mask their faces. These helmets evoke fear, but also serve to dehumanize the troopers, and to remove their individuality. Importantly, masks symbolically can mean that someone is hiding their true self.

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Forgot about Rey II: What Rey forgot

Before The Force Awakens was released we had a ton of questions about who Rey was. Now we have seen the movie several times we STILL have a ton of questions about Rey. Who are her parents? Who left her on Jakku? What happened to her family? What was her life like before she was left on Jakku? And finally can we trust what she said about her past? We’re going to try to answer these with informed speculation, cut scenes, and additional information from the novelization.

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The Politics and Factions of a Post TFA galaxy.

The events at the end of The Force Awakens leave the galaxy far far away in new uncharted state of affairs.  Before the start of The Force Awakens the Galaxy was in a holding pattern. The  remnants of the Empire had retreated to the  Outer Rim Territories and uncharted areas and reorganized into the First Order. The Republic had a non-aggression treaty with the Empire/First Order that allowed them to rebuild the damage caused by the Empire and the war between the Rebellion and Empire.

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