Weekly Recap #21: January 11th, 2016

While The Force Awakens continues to break records we have finally started to get new information on the upcoming Star Wars Films. Now we can really bite down on the goodies that Rogue One will provide. Beware spoilers may be ahead.

1) Ok a little crowing about the Force Awakens box office #3 globally now and closing in on Titanic.

davestrrr: This is amazing. I knew the movie would do great, but I didn’t know it would go to these lengths. I hope it take the all-time! Only to be surpassed by Episode VIII. I mean if this sequel to a movie that is this successful adds more and is really good, then it could happen.

mazlow01: What is really interesting is I read another article(I couldn’t find it this morning) that said TFA had sold more tickets world wide than any other movie ever in its first run. I don’t know if that is true but I choose to believe.

2) Slashfilm is reporting that Bel Powley is up for a role in Episode 8

A 2015 Photo of Bel Powley

davestrrr: She is adorable. I wonder if it will be something very minor like Crystal Clarke and Pip Anderson from TFA, or if she’ll have some bigger role. I’m still hoping to have some Inquisitors in this time period, and I’m wondering if she could play a female Inquisitor. Anyway, who knows at this point, could be a 2 second role.

mazlow01: Yeah I am not thinking this will be a big role.. much of the new cast members I think will be small supporting roles at best.


3)  JediNews is reporting Guy Henry has joined the cast of Rogue One. Star Wars fans may know him from his role in the Harry Potter series:

Guy Henry as Pius Thicknesse from Harry Potter


davestrrr: This guy strikes me as a character actor. He has played many different roles throughout his career, and I think some pretty different ones. That said, this makes it pretty difficult to predict what kind of role it will be. If the post is correct and he is an Imperial Officer, let’s hope it’s a big role because I think he’s pretty solid. Something at the level of Ozzel/Piet would be good.

mazlow01: I’m thinking either the person overseeing the DS construction or the guy in charge of security of the scientists.


4) MakingStarWars has a  bunch of Small roles on Rogue One.

davestrrr: Looks like a good bunch. The only part that worries me a bit are the “creature” roles. This is the kind of thing that could either work really well, or work not so well. Maybe with heavy prosthetics it could be good. I’m still hoping we see some Bothans. Yeah, I know that they are involved in stealing the plans of the second Death Star, but wouldn’t it be cool to mention them anyway? Like a scene where the Bothans come up and say “Our spies can’t help with this one. We’ve got our own problems right now with Ord Mantell. Keep us in mind for your next spy mission.” or some stuff like that.

mazlow01: I think creatures is a great thing. The more diversity and the bigger the universe is the better.


5) MakingStarWars also has a rumored plot!

davestrrr: Not bad. The idea of a scientist that took the plans over from the Geonosians is really cool. I’d love to have some sort of scene with Geonosians, actually. This rumored plot reminds me that Rogue One has a tremendous opportunity to bridge the gap between the prequels and the OT. Some sort of scene with both Geonosians, this scientist guy, and Darth Vader or something could really provide some great connective tissue for the Saga.

mazlow01: I like that idea of it being connective tissue between the series. This comes out like a heist/thriller type film to me. Which is awesome. I love the Marvel take of doing X-Type film in the Star Wars universe.


6) And Finally a Set description again from… MakingStarWars

davestrrr: This definitely reminds me of some of the leaked photos like this one:

Rogue One leaked photo
Rogue One leaked photo

To quote the article, these two characters are very intriguing:

The first man has a long rifle that in spirit seems to resemble Doc Brown’s riffle from Back to the Future Part III. He has a black leather trench coat on. His mask is dull red and the visor is like a cross between Kylo Ren and and the Imperial guards from Return of the Jedi. The other man has a brown trench coat and a really big rifle with a stock that reminds me of the guns used on Hoth by the rebels in The Empire Strikes Back.

I have no idea what his means or who these guys are, but they sound really cool. Maybe some sort of Imperial agents or possibly more some sort of vigilante or bounty hunter. My imagination is racing with scenarios that could happen with these two guys inspecting the crash. Time will tell. Man, still pretty slim information on this film.

mazlow01: I’m thinking bounty hunters. Or perhaps the last of the Inquisitors? No longer allowed Lightsabers? Either way this movie is looking really good to me.