Weekly Recap #25: Feb 8th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars fans! Welcome back for another Spoiled Blue Milk weekly recap. Let’s begin.

1. Entertainment Weekly reports that Star Wars: The Force Awakens has just reached $2Billion! That’s billion with a capital B. There’s a chance that it could even catch up with Titanic.

davestrrr: Not surprising and was only a matter of time. Still amazing though. Here’s hoping they will take down Titanic. Some would say that is tough without a true love story. They’ll have to bring in a love story that works for the next one if they are to move beyond.

mazlow01: I think we knew it would hit 2 billion, I’m surprised it hasn’t beaten Titanic yet and now looks like it could miss out.


2. The Edinburgh Evening News reports a bit a spoilers about Rogue One (via jedinews.co.uk). The article says that Scottish supermodel Eunice Olumide plays a rebel leader, who says that:

“There’s a small scene where I run and there’s a tank that comes after me with 20 stormtroopers. There’s loads of explosions.

“I kept getting a fright whenever the explosions went off.”

davestrrr: I’m assuming this is some sort of Imperial Battle tank. Could be something like the armored transports that we’ve seen on Rebels. Not sure. I’m also not sure how seriously to take this article. I would have thought there would be an NDA involved, so not sure why she would give up so much info. Hence, I’m a little skeptical of what is going on here…Regardless, I think it would be great (and about time) to have an interesting black female character in Star Wars. Eunice has an interesting look about her. She is a model, but in many ways doesn’t fit with the typical Hollywood beauty. She could end up making a very distinct character like nothing else in Star Wars.

mazlow01: Tank? What does she mean tank? Re-purposed droid tanks? This is confusing to me. But still pretty cool info.

3. Daisy Ridley and John Boyega are both working out for Episode VIII! Here is the instagram post and the tweet:


davestrrr: Finn is back from the medical brigade! Who knows what will happen. Will he have a bionic back or something? Hard to say what the extent of the injuries were, but it could be pretty serious. I’ll be very interested in how they end up working this into the story.

mazlow01: I guess that means Finn won’t be in a wheel chair! I am still holding out hope that he gets a lightsaber.

4. New evidence that Nien Nunb, Admiral Ackbar, and Chewbacca will be in Episode VIII, with their actors filming soon.

davestrrr: Yeah, as per mazlow01’s comment below, it would be fantabulous to have another space battle! Hopefully bigger and better like the level of RotJ.

mazlow01: YAY! I guess that means we’ll get a space battle since we have the admiral and a Pilot.

5. Star Wars News Net is reporting that a Yoda scene was planned and ultimately cut from The Force Awakens.

davestrrr: I’m not surprised. We had speculated on this scene too. However, in hindsight, this leak that said “Yoda was in it” could have just been refering to the voice that we hear in Rey’s Force-vision. I wouldn’t have been upset if he was in it and I won’t be upset if he is in TFA. Or Obi Wan for that matter.

mazlow01: I am glad they didn’t include him. I feel like that would have been too much throw back to the OT.



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