5 Fan hypothesis that should go away

In the aftermath of The Force Awakens the fans have developed all types of great hypothesis to explain backstories and fill in gaps of our knowledge. While this is a fun exercise that we at Spoiledbluemilk.com participate in regularly it helps to have support for it or at the very least not have canon contradictory evidence. So here 5 hypothesis  that won’t go away despite all evidence that they are in no way true.

Snoke is Plaguies 

snoke plag

Thats right we are going to start with the big one, the hypothesis that has been around since before we even knew Snoke’s name. Even we discussed this one before TFA was released. However there are a few pieces of evidence that show us that Snoke is just Snoke. First would be that comic-con denial from JJ Abrams. His answer was No. That should have been enough but people are still hung up on the Khan/John Harrison fiasco if Nu-Trek 2. Next we have Andy Serkis tell us  that Snoke is a completely new character. Again before TFA is released. In the Art of Star Wars TFA  book it was revealed that at one point Snoke was going to be female and Darth Plagiues is Male in canon. Finally in the novel Snoke reveals he watched the rise and fall of the Empire and implicates he was watching from a far not involved in those events. Plagiues was involved and planned it before Sidious killed him, as was made canon in the Tarkin novel. Also Plagiues is DEAD.

Kylo and Rey are brother and sister


OK for this to be true Leia and Han would have to be the absolute worst parents that ever lived. One kid turns to the Dark side the other they abandon and never mention again. And I know the idea of they thought she was killed (I use it for Luke being her dad) but I think if they thought their son had killed their daughter they wouldn’t be in the “just come home son it’ll be ok” frame of mind. In the novel and movie Han and Leia would mention a daughter if they had one and they don’t mention one. This is a case of absence of a potential character is proof the link doesn’t exist. If Kylo was born with potential to be either good or evil as Leia says in the novel, then so would his sister and Snoke would have wanted her too from the beginning.

Han killed himself so Kylo wouldn’t have to

han dead

This assumes that Kylo is either a double agent or unwilling to kill Han and Han knew he had to die. The problem is we get Kylo’s internal dialog in the novel and it directly counters both ideas. First never is he anything but devoted to the darkside. Second he states that he thought killing his father would make him more powerful and instead it made him weaker, he is saying here HE killed Han Solo. Now we also have the actual scene in the movie. Kylo holds out his lightsaber to bring Han in closer then refuses to let it go. You can see a look of confusion on Han’s face right before Kylo ignites the blade and then Kylo look of triumph then confusion of his own as he isn’t powerful and his father still gingerly reaches out to touch his face. Han did not ignite that lightsaber for Kylo.

Rey Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Satin 3.jpg

There is one reason and only reason that this isn’t true. Obi-wan was the culmination of Jedi training before the fall of the Republic. In the Revenge of the novelization both Mace and Yoda tell him he is the very best of what a Jedi can be. In short for Obi-wan to have fathered a child would be a betrayal of everything the character is supposed to stand for. The idea that even if he fathered a child he would abandon the child or the woman he was with is also an abandonment of the character. Plus it would be a complete left field move which is not what a company like Disney or Lucasfilm would pull.

Snoke is Vader.


Vader is DEAD, seriously we saw his body burned and his force ghost. Why have we seen this theory multiple times? Because he has scars on his face that are kind of close to where Vader’s were? It wouldn’t matter Vader is dead and he was redeemed by Luke and the light before he died.

There are other hints and clues in many of the canon tie books that support the some of the above information. However if what is presented isn’t enough I’m not sure anything will be. I mean some people still think the Earth is flat.

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