Weekly Recap #26: February 15th 2016

Hello, Star Wars fans! We’re back to put together all the news that’s fit to print about Star Wars…or fit to post anyway. We dig through the bogus plot leaks so you don’t have to! With that said, we have a couple of juicy morsels of newsy goodness, beginning with:

1. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun principle filming!

davestrrr: Cool little video. Looks like Episode VIII is picking up right where TFA left off. That isn’t what I expected, but I’ll wait and see what they do. I would have though that we would pick up after weeks of Jedi training for Rey on the island. That said, do we really know for sure that Rey is there to get trained as a Jedi? Is that her intention? All we know is she is returning the saber, but many people, myself included, have assumed that she wants to be trained. Then we can have the old “I can’t train you…you’re too old” bit from Luke. At any rate, it feels great to know that somewhere they are filming for Episode VIII!!!!

mazlow01: That is a new shot of that scene, according Manabyte at Furious Fanboys. That means Ep VIII is picking up right after Ep VII. I’m sure it fast forward some but we will get to see the rest f what happens when Rey shows up which is the coolest.


2. We also got a tweet from Anthony Daniels (@ADaniels3PO) that both congratulates John Boyega on winning a BAFTA Rising Star Award, but also confirms that he and Boyega would be filming tomorrow for Episode VIII:

davestrrr: I’m not sure if this means that they will have a scene, or if it means that for the opening day of filming everyone needs to be present. I’m actually leaning toward the latter. Still, it would be cool to see Finn and C3PO in a scene. Could make for some entertaining stuff.

mazlow01: I am hoping C3PO’s role is increased this time around. I would like to see more of him and R2.


3. Next we have a new casting rumor for young Han Solo from Star Wars News Net. The rumor suggests that Taron Egerton is being considered for the role. Here is what he looks like:


davestrrr: The guy definitely has the look. The question is does he have the accent? Presumably if the rumor is true he can do an American accent decent enough. I gotta say, this guy has some serious acting chops. Check out this trailer for a new film:

mazlow01: Now this is a casting I would get behind. Dude was fantastic in Kingsman and could easily portray Han with the right amount of swagger and devil may care attitude.

4. Next there was a post of the image of the Maul action figure for Rebels:


davestrrr: He looks more like the old Maul. The robotic legs are now more compact an fit the shape of the original. Personally, I think its cool that Maul will be in Rebels. It’s already established that he didn’t die in Clone Wars, so we know he is still around. I guess it’s only a matter of time before he runs into our heroes.

mazlow01: He gots new legs. Darth Maul gots (new)magic legs. Honestly I hate that he’s in Rebels and that he was in Clone Wars so this is completely underwhelming to me.


5. There was a post from Making Star Wars about Jiang Wen’s character in Rogue One. From the article:

Wen’s character is the weapons enthusiast of the group. He’s a first-class gun nut.

davestrrr: I’m watching Rebels on DVR and just heard the Wilhelm scream in the episode for “The Call”. Heheh. As for Wen? This could be pretty cool. I like MSW’s description of they guy that has a gun in his boot to save the day. Looking forward to see what this guy can do.

mazlow01: Sweet! No good guy Jedi. Just rag tag guys fighting their way with blasters and hands. God I can’t wait for this!


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