Weekly Recap #27: February 22nd 2016

Its Monday and that means you get the best news and our opinions on it. Honestly its the best thing you’ll read all week except for the other stuff we post. Or if you read anything by Brandon Sanderson or Patrick Rothfuss, those guys are great. Anyway lets get to the news!

1) Mads Mikkelsen spoke to ekstrabladet.dk and was quoted as saying he wasn’t the bad guy (Translation at MSW )

davestrrr: We had heard this rumor before, so this is just further confirmation. This is consistent with the idea that he is a former Imperial scientist working on the Death Start and defects when he figures out what the Death Star is used for.

mazlow01: This is really lining up with what MSW has said so far about Mads playing a scientist that helps leak the plans to the Death Star.

2)  MSW has new information on the Storm Troopers we’ll see in Rogue One

davestrrr: “Death Squad”. I think it is kind of a cool name for Imperials, especially if they work on the Death Star. Would make some sense. Also, sounds sufficiently cool for a bad guy.

mazlow01: This is kind of what i was talking about in my article last week. We are getting a ton of new troopers that we’ve never seen in the main trilogy and it just dilutes the effort the Empire put forth in those movies if there are all of these elite squads. While I’m excited, cause you know new Star Wars, I think this should have been a TV show or novel.

3) MSW again with the scoop, This time its Felicity Jones’ character name Jyn

davestrrr: Could this end up sounding too much like Qui-gon’s last name? Don’t know how it would sound out of context. I think it definitely fits perfectly with Star Wars! It’s interesting that this sounds like a term for a supernatural being to some degree.

mazlow01: This is a Star Wars name. We have seen it a few times in the old EU and I don’t thin it fits the code names we saw before. This is her name.

4) Justin LaSalta was at the Toy Fair New York and got a brief glimpse of the Rogue One toy packaging. From the post:


davestrrr: Sounds pretty cool! I like the V formation. Could be harkening to flight configurations of fighter jets? I think it is important to note the significance of Vader in the image. We can rest assured that “the Force” will be present in this film, even if it is only practiced by a Sith.

mazlow01: So we have Vader, our heroes and a mystery man in white with a cape… Damn it all if MSW hasn’t nailed it again with Rogue One. Who is this guy in white, who is he aligned with?

5) Starwarsundewrworld.com  is reporting that Rogue One will get its own Force Friday toy release. 

davestrrr: Can’t wait! I don’t know if this will be as high-profile as the episodic films. My guess is maybe not. Still something to look forward to.

mazlow01: Pretty cool but it was expected, I’m guessing this will be like the TFA one and we won’t get much in the way of news.


6)  So the Dubrovnik Tourist Board has announced that “SpaceBear” will be filming March 9-16 confirming Episode VIII will film there. Apparently  Benicio Del Toro has been there too. Guess it won’t be a fill in for Ahch-to.

davestrrr: This is really interesting. I don’t know if this will be Ahch-to or not…I thought they were using “Dingle Pennensula” for that? I would think they would use this for some other planet. If it is Ahch-to, then that is huge news to think that Del Toro’s villainous character will be going to Ahch-to. That’s a non-trivial story point if so.

mazlow01: So first I love the production name of Space Bear. That is just funny, I wonder if it was name for Carrie Fisher’s dog Gary.  Also I have to wonder what this place will be now with Del Toro being there. Could it be a First Order base? The base of operations for the Knights of Ren?

Photo credit: Carrie Fisher official twitter

7) MosCroatia.com is reporting that Episode VIII will have a team of drone pilots assigned to take out other drones. (Translation via MSW)

davestrrr: This is cool. When I read that it made me wonder how? Do they have guns on the drones or do they just try and crash into them? Some sort of stick that protrudes out and blocks the propeller?

mazlow01: Well I guess they will be keeping at least SOME of the closed set information embargo that JJ does so well intact for Episode VIII

8) MSW‘s friends at the Kerryman have given them some info on possible Ahch-to shots. From the article:

They’ll be filming in a spot called Ceann Sibeal in late April.

Shoot due to start around April 20 and last ten to 12 days.

Ceann Sibeal is a small headland in west Kerry (near Dingle Town which you may have heard of) with high, sheer rocky cliffs very similar to Skellig Michael.

The location is much easier to access (you can drive there) and it isn’t a world heritage site and environmental protection area so there will be far less controversy about the shoot.

It is a very good match for Skellig Michael.

A stonemason from South Kerry had been asked to help on the recreation of the Skellig stone huts at Pinewood Studios.

davestrrr: The rebuild of the Skellig Michael stone huts is most interesting here. The fact that those will be used in some sort of story is big. That makes me think these are Jedi hovels much like Yoda’s on Dagobbah.

mazlow01: Ok I like that they are trying to get shots in a place more friendly to local area and it tells me that we wil lspend more than 5 minutes on Ahch-to in the film.

9)  Peter Mayhew has confirmed he’ll be back for Episode VIII and he is teasing a big reveal on twitter.

davestrrr: No surprised there. I suspect it will be the same as VII and he will only do the sitting-down shots, with a fill-in for the standing and/or running shots?

mazlow01: Well according to his twitter he isn’t retiring(tweet now deleted…) so my only other guess is he’ll be showing up in the Han Solo movie. Unless he is transitioning to an advisory role instead.

10) Finally Star Wars and Lego have announced a new Lego TV show 

davestrrr: Very cool! I guess it isn’t canon, but still entertaining. I think these can be funnier than expected and actually be worth the watch even for adults.

mazlow01: So this isn’t “canon” but it looks like another fun addition to Star Wars. I bet the kids will love it.


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