Weekly Recap #28 February 29th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars fans! We’re back with another weekly recap. Let’s get right into it.

1) An Ebay user is selling their crew bag from Rogue One and it reveals a new logo. (Via MSW)

davestrrr: Looks cool! I guess this sort of confirms what we expected, which is they are sticking with the “A Star Wars Story” moniker. I was still sort of half-hoping that they would go back to “Anthology”, but oh well. Looks good. I like how they’ve tweaked the Rebel logo from the original to Star Wars Rebels, to this one. Sort of shows a progression while keeping it fresh at each iteration.

mazlow01: I like the logo! It’s very close to the final Rebel logo but different enough to be an early version or inspiration. Also the bag says “Go Rogue”, I wonder if that is the tagline or just something for the crew.


2) Jedi-Bibliothek has revealed the last 5 Rebels episodes and descriptions. (Translation MSW)

davestrrr: Wow, looks like we’ll see Yoda very soon. Not thrilled about the Yoda design from what I’ve seen, but I’m hoping that when we see more it will make more sense. The chopper episode sounds like one of those that people complain about because it’s a “one off”, however it looks like it may play into the next episode where “Vader’s secrets” are revealed. So if they can make it play into more bigger stories, that would be great. Most definitely excited about the last two. Will we finally see Ahsoka go? I hope not, but the title certainly suggests it. After all, that is what Vader called her when he said “The apprentice lives…”

mazlow01: Lets break this down. First one.. I think Yoda is going to help reveal a traitor, the chopper base episodes look cool(Dantoonie?), plus I can’t wait to see if Ezra and Kanan figure out Vader is Anakin or just Ahsoka. Finally I think its obvious Maul is their ally against the inquisitors and I think he’ll be the apprentice that dies, not Ahsoka.


3) A new clip for Rebels featuring Yoda and Ahsoka and Ezra was just released.

davestrrr: Looks good. I’m glad we’re going back to the temple on Lothal. That was a cool episode, and I thought we wouldn’t see it again. As I said, I’m not super-thrilled about the Yoda design, but maybe I’ll get used to it. This weird star field that Ezra goes to isn’t something that would really work on the big screen exactly like this, but bears some similarities to Rey’s Force-vision.

mazlow01: I know people don’t like the look of Yoda but I think he looks good. To me this gives credence to Yoda watching over Luke from afar so I like it.

via StarWarsNewsNet

4)  The Dubrovnik Times has put up a gallery of shots of the Episode VIII set and MSW has a few more. Plus some details! 

davestrrr: Pretty cool, although we really don’t have any idea what this could be used for. I think this will be used in combination with some really cool CGI to put these buildings in an other-worldly setting. The design is no-doubt cool, and very Star Wars. As StarWarsPost has pointed out, it looks a lot like Naboo.

mazlow01: The pictures look great and IF the potential details are true that gives us Del Toro either running for his life or chasing someone. I hope its him chasing Finn and Poe.

5) CDON.Com has information on what will be included on the TFA DVD and The Independent has info on how many Deleted scenes we’ll get.

davestrrr: I can’t wait! That said, we’re not surprised. We speculated that this would be the case, but I’m pretty sure everyone else did as well. This has been the standard for every Star Wars DVD since, so it isn’t too unexpected. Looking forward to seeing these deleted scenes very much!

mazlow01: I think this pretty much all expected. I can’t for someone to add the deleted scenes for a fan edit. I’d do it but I’m lazy and not that skilled at editing.

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