Weekly Recap #32: March 28th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars fans! I hope you’ve had a nice Easter and/or spring break if you had one, and maybe got a nice change in the weather. Flowers are blooming. Love is in the air. We’ve got a spring in our step for Star Wars news! Don’t forget, as usual there are spoilers here! Here is what’s happening: more “Weekly Recap #32: March 28th 2016”

Lightsabers: 10 Blades We Love

Your father’s lightsaber. This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon… for a more civilized age.Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The lightsaber is one of the most iconic weapons in movie history, from the look to the sound and use they are the defining characteristic of the Star Wars universe. Today I’m going to explore the 10 most unique/iconic blades from Clone wars to TFA. In no particular order: more “Lightsabers: 10 Blades We Love”

Visit Dubrovnik! It’s great this time of year (Dubrovnik Recap)

You’d better hurry to Dubrovnik if you want to get your last glimpse of Star Wars this year. Filming has ended a week ago, so pretty much everything has been cleaned up. That said, you might still get to see something Star Wars related. Not ready to book the tickets? Well, how about sitting back and enjoying this recap of the best and coolest news from Dubrovnik. more “Visit Dubrovnik! It’s great this time of year (Dubrovnik Recap)”

Who exactly was the “Clan Leader” in Rey’s flashback?

The origin of Rey has been quite a mystery and one of the most discussed mysteries in The Force Awakens. We discussed this earlier a few times, and we’ve concluded that a key part of her backstory, regardless of her parentage, is her “clan”. But who or what exactly was this “clan”? Presumably, the clan is Rey’s clan, and the group of people/tribe/clan in which she was born. Perhaps some of her early years were spent with the clan.

more “Who exactly was the “Clan Leader” in Rey’s flashback?”

The cave! Remember your failure at the cave!

Yes, yes. To Obi-Wan you listen. The cave. Remember your failure at the cave! -Yoda

Lucasfilm LTD

Caves have had a recurring presence in Star Wars from the beginning. From the space-slug cave on an asteroid in ESB (“This is no cave!”), to the Wampa’s ice cave in the same movie, to the recent Episode of Rebels that found Zeb and Kallus trapped in a cave on a moon, to the cave in the deleted scene of Return of the Jedi where Luke finished building his lightsaber. Caves have been a common mythological motif going way back. Going all the way back to…well…all the way back to cavemen.

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The fall of Ben Solo

Ben Solo, son of Han and Leia, once an apprentice of Luke, now the Master of the Knights of Ren renamed Kylo Ren, the question is how? What lead Ben Solo to abandon his training with Luke and seek out the Darkside? How did Snoke begin to influence Ben? Today I’m going to explore some of my ideas on how this happened. This will be pure speculation based on the information we currently have available. Bloodline, coming out in May could possibly fill in more information but who wants to wait, right? more “The fall of Ben Solo”

Weekly Recap #29 March 7th 2016

Greeting Star Wars fans! About this time last year, we were pretty deep into rumors and info about The Force Awakens. Way deeper than we are now for Rogue One, which suggests they are keeping this film a little tighter. Other than a few shots of set set construction, the news about Rogue One is pretty slim. That said, we have a few new pieces of info about Rogue One and Episode VIII (still two years away), so let’s begin.

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The emerging prominence of Jedi Temples in Star Wars

Wednesday night’s Episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Shroud of Darkness” brought back some greatness to the series. Rebels finally delivered what many fans have wanted. In one episode, we got to see Yoda (voiced by the great Frank Oz), see the Grand Inquisitor’s identity/origin, and get to see the Jedi Temple on Lothal again. Millions of fans cheered as a series that many had felt was dragging its feet finally brought something excellent. That was my reaction at least. Up until this point, I was a bit ho-hum on the series; I’m finally excited again about Rebels.

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What exactly does Canon mean?

There is one question that we keep seeing and it drives fans crazy: Is it canon? No matter what fandom you are part of, for a segment of that fandom this is an extremely important question. Its used to prove people wrong or right to settle fights and start them, it even has levels of canon in some fandoms. The old Star Wars EU was “book canon” that could be superseded by the movies, Star Trek does the same and now also what is called NuCanon for the new timeline split. So the question is for Star Wars does canon that is supposed to be overseen by the Lucasfilm Story Group(LSG) actually matter or is it still only the movies that are truly canon? And does Canon even matter?

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