Weekly Recap #29 March 7th 2016

Greeting Star Wars fans! About this time last year, we were pretty deep into rumors and info about The Force Awakens. Way deeper than we are now for Rogue One, which suggests they are keeping this film a little tighter. Other than a few shots of set set construction, the news about Rogue One is pretty slim. That said, we have a few new pieces of info about Rogue One and Episode VIII (still two years away), so let’s begin.

1. Lots of updated set shots from Dubrovnik have emerged.

image credit: fifthdayofmay

davestrrr: VERY Star Wars. These sets look really cool, like something out of RotJ or something. Definitely a cool mix of medieval and futuristic. People say there is a chase on this street, so we’ll see how it plays out. I will say that I would also expect a judicious mix of CGI and practical will be used to supplement the physical sets. Neon? Maybe this is a futuristic red-light district?

mazlow01: Are you getting seedy side of town? I’m getting this a bad neighborhood for some reason. Maybe its the neon? Anyway it looks cool, I can’t wait to find out who is actually going to be there.


2. A landspeeder was allegedly constructed for the Dubrovnik shoot. Here’s the article.

image credit: moscroatia.com

davestrrr: Looks cool and looks classic. What will they do with the speeder? Maybe they will get in the real prop and then cut to CGI sequence of them flying through the streets. Nobody knows how they will actually do it. I’m hoping for a chase scene better than AotC. Something about Zam Wessel’s car’s noise was irksome and ruined that scene for me. Sounded fake and also like nails on a chalkboard….sorry just having some flashbacks of that scene.

mazlow01: Looks like Luke went and bought a classic. Maybe he jumps in stealing a speeder like his dad once did… “Hey I used to own one of these, There was this girl Camie that my friend Fixer dated and  was sure I’d impress her once I got a new…well that enough story time.”


3. Variety has posted an article on filming in Ireland along with a new shot of Luke Skywalker from The Force Awakens, and the article says that the same team is working on Episode VIII. This is in contrast to some stuff that Daisy has said recently, describing it as a new crew.

source: Variety


davestrrr: Looks cool. Nearly exactly like the leaked Luke image that was going down and got all the take-down requests.

mazlow01: New crew old crew? I think its more that the cinematographer and director are new? Either way looking forward to how the shots are re-created.

4. Slashfilm has a report from someone that saw the footage shown to Disney shareholders

davestrrr: I saw this. There are a couple of neat comments on that post, namely the “Death Squad” and the “chrome troopers”. Maybe we’ll see the origin of Phasma? Maybe an explanation of where she comes from? Could be cool. I think it would be neat if there was an old elite squad of chrome troopers that was sent on some distant mission in Rogue One, explaining why we never see them in the OT.

mazlow01: I WANT TO SEE FOOTAGE! OK so did we really have that many leaks when TFA was 9 months away or am crazy for thinking we’ve got next to nothing on Rogue One?

5. Daisy won’t be in Dubrovnik according her! (Via jedinews.co.uk)

davestrrr: Well, that’s that. I wonder what the scene will be. Maybe some of our new characters or Poe or who knows? Maybe Finn? Maybe this is part of Vader’s castle? I’m definitely hoping that they will bring that concept back! Vader’s castle is too cool to just let that one go.

mazlow01: Hmm so who is? Maybe its just Bad guys? Maybe its the homebase of the Knight of Ren? Who knows!

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