Weekly Recap #30 March 14th 2016

Just a few stories this week but holy cow did we get information! Episode VIII, Rogue One and the Han Solo movie spoilers ahead.

1) MSW and StarWarsNew.net  had tons of new updates on Dubrovnik


davestrrr: Some of these photos are really interesting. It’s like they’re going for a space-Transylvania or something? That is the vibe I get. Maybe it’s all the tuxedoes juxtaposed with the castle makes me think it is some sort of vampire thing. Sort of a Spacey monster castle vibe. I really like the space-horse. Definitely a new an unique vibe here. I like the idea of taking Star Wars into new directions, but with these sorts of things you never can tell how it will look on the big screen.

mazlow01: Holy cow! So it looks like Finn is hanging out with either Rey or our new female character and we’ve got all kinds of cool new aliens. I can’t even begin to guess what this is about.

2) MSW with more info on Rogue One

davestrrr: Definitely cool. I’m not sure what to say other than it is a cool description. The Death Squad sounds pretty neat, and from this it sounds like it may be  a special team. A special team could be good as we don’t want to overdo it on the different stormtroopers.

mazlow01: The more I hear the more I want a trailer already.

3) Chewie! We’ll have Chewie in the Han Solo Anthology film.

davestrrr: Yeah, this is cool confirmation of something that everyone is expecting. I am in the camp that hopes that we will see Han and Chewie meet in the film. It could be a great opportunity for story telling there. Yeah, I know it is supposed to happen earlier, and was considered for RotS, but didn’t get included. Nevertheless, I would be fine with them changing the canon story so that we could see them meet. Alternatively, it could be cool to make reference to the battle of Kashyyyk in the movie. That way, we could at least know  that Han was there.

mazlow01: Well then that  answers that question! Of course chewie is in it!


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