Weekly Recap #32: March 28th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars fans! I hope you’ve had a nice Easter and/or spring break if you had one, and maybe got a nice change in the weather. Flowers are blooming. Love is in the air. We’ve got a spring in our step for Star Wars news! Don’t forget, as usual there are spoilers here! Here is what’s happening:


1. StarWarsNewsNet just posted an analysis based on a post from JediCenter in Brazil of the audio in the Force-back/Force-vision that Rey had at Maz’s Castle in The Force Awakens.

davestrrr: Pretty cool. I thought we knew most of these already, but maybe there are a couple of new ones in there..Nice to see it all mapped out like this. After reading Mazlow’s point below, I do think I hear some of Palpatine’s grumblings in the background.

mazlow01: Wow this is awesome. So she has to be a Skywalker right? So much of that dialog was redone or edited into another meaning… so cool.

I just happen to have a chance cube…

2. Episode VIII: A recent report at MakingStarWars talks about Luke being in a casino, and some details about Laura Dern.

davestrrr: Luke in the casino…that makes me think we’ll have a scene where he wins something at a spacey-roulette wheel. “Telekinesis is forbidden in the casino, sir!” I could see this one going down as a classic scene if done well. Maybe Luke will make a clever wager and end up winning everything, just like Qui-gon. Wouldn’t it be a cool throwback to the prequels if there were “chance cubes”???!

mazlow01: I’m liking Dern’s character information so far. Sounds like she’ll be a good foil to Leia and allow Poe to step up into the role that Leia had in the OT. Young Leader of the Resistance.


3. Filming in the USA: reports suggest that there will be filming outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, and also near Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

davestrrr: I’m not too sure about these because they are both from the same site, and formatted the same way. Also, the reasoning is the same for each of them. I know a lot of people are probably groaning over the idea of another desert scene. Oklahoma sound curious…could it be a rolling field of green like on Lothal? Hmmn. Honestly, I don’t know what could be in Oklahoma other than farmland that would look very Earth-like.

mazlow01: So there will be a desert and or open plains type scene… I wonder if this is training or Luke and Rey on the hunt for something. I think we’ll end up with three stories. Luke and Rey, Finn new girl and Maz, and finally Leia and Poe and Dern’s character. All meet at the end. Just my gut from what we are getting so far.

from makingstarwars

4.  MSW has reports of more Irish filming for Mark and Daisy.

davestrrr: Look at that hill…what mysteries are just over the top of that hill? No one knows. Looks like cranes, so they are constructing something big. Could it be a Jedi Temple? That would be amazing and thisis the place to do it. Take a look at the rocks on the upper left of the image. Those look like they very similar to Skellig Michael’s rocks, so this could in fact be a temple on Ahch-To. Very cool. Send in the drones!

mazlow01: I think its safe to assume this is more first Jedi Temple training and/or dialog scenes. Can’t keep filming on Skellig Michael too expensive and time consuming!

5. Deleted scenes from TFA!: There was a trailer for the TFA deleted scenes, then Entertainment Weekly has a gallery of the deleted scenes, as well as this one with Kylo Ren and some snow troopers entering the Millennium Falcon leaking online:

davestrrr: Get me the blue-ray! Yeah, I agree with @mazlow01 below that some of these should have been added because some of these really added a lot. The scene with Kylo boarding the Falcon, I think, adds to Kylo’s backstory a little bit, and shows his struggle with what he “has to do” in his mind. The scene where Maz brings down the castle is especially cool because it confirms that Maz has Force-powers. The movie seems rushed, and a few extra scenes to tie everything together could have been cool.

mazlow01: I’m starting to think that these scenes SHOULD have been left in the movie. Honestly who doesn’t want more Star Wars?


6. Making Star Wars tells us some news about Poe Dameron’s costume in Episode VIII.

davestrrr: Yeah, I think that this is fitting. The guy needs a new jacket. I hope that Finn will have a change of clothes. He’s been in that black jumpsuit forever! Probably really sweaty from the desert. Get that man a new outfit!! As for Poe, yeah, he is the new Han, but it is important to note that there isn’t a one-to-one mapping between characters in the saga. Finn has some Han, Rey has some Han, and Poe has some Luke. They are all new characters with there own style.

mazlow01: I know the costume sets him up as the Han Solo type but I think he’s more the Leia and Han combo… kind of the son they could have had.

image credit: Lucasfilm and Entertainment Weekly

7.  EW.com has a look at this week’s Rebels season finale including the return of Darth Maul

davestrrr:Look at him. That is one magnificent ex-Sith! I think it is so cool to still have Maul around. It’s like it’s still the summer of ’99. Those were some good times. More than anything, I want to see Vader fight Maul. I want to see Vader get his revenge on Maul for killing Qui-gon. That scene could be weird. Namely, how would Vader say it? “This is my revenge for you killing that Jedi…so now…let’s get back to the Inquisitors and kill more Jedi.”

mazlow01: So someone has to die. I’m pretty sure Maul is one and its a toss up but I think either Kanan or Ahsoka dies too.


8. Lego The Force Awakens game is coming this summer and its YouTube  preview tells is we learn more about Lor San Tekka and how Chewie and Han picked up those Rathars.

davestrrr: Definitely looking forward to the Lor San Tekka info…but I’m guessing it won’t be that much new info. We’ll see. I don’t count on getting too much scoop from a Lego game.

mazlow01: Ok so the Rathars bit sounds like a good thing for Lego to reveal but Lor San Tekka? I don’t know I want a novel or maybe a cameo in Rebels?

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