Bloodline: What do we expect

With the eminent release of Bloodline by Claudia Gray we have been fascinated by what we already know will change several hypothesis we’ve had as well as many others. The first three chapters of Bloodline have been released and based on the information in them and on earlier reviews I am going to speculate on what this means for our hypothesis, how we understood The Force Awakens, and how this information will inform our understanding of Episode VIII. Potential Spoilers ahead.

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Women in Star Wars, they make things happen

While there may be some small yet vocal group of “fans” that are lamenting the idea women being leads in Star Wars, those of us that understand Star Wars know that women have always the most important characters in the movies. They have driven the plot, started our other heroes along their path and taken charge of situations. Today we’re going to go over the many contributions the women of Star Wars have made to our favorite movies.

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The one theory about Snoke that seems to hold up.

We’ve spent some time thinking about Snoke. You can read our previous articles on him here, here, and here. We’ve explored many of the theories and rumors out there. That’s what we do at Spoiled Blue Milk. We dig up the theories from the unknown regions of the world wide web, and run them up the flagpole, and see if the evidence holds up. Today is no different. more “The one theory about Snoke that seems to hold up.”

The biggest questions for Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX

Now that I have The Force Awakens on Blu-Ray and can watch it whenever I want I have been thinking more and more about the questions that the movie left unanswered. Some of these questions will most likely be answered in spin off materials such as novels and comics but others are key to how the main story will progress. Others will influence how we see the characters moving forward and influence their actions too. Lets figure out what big questions there are  more “The biggest questions for Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX”

That’s not Thrawn!

Now would be a great time to do an analysis of the Rogue One trailer but that’s not what we’re going to do. Why? Well there are already probably hundreds of them and the only thing I can add to those is my opinion. You want that? It was great, as a fan that follows Star Wars new obsessively I got what was going on and and am super excited. I do however see some flaws, the most important being not letting the average viewer know the time frame of the movie. That being said even those people are excited by the trailer. There are two questions that people have had: Who is kneeling and who is the guy in white?

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Is that Batman in The Force Awakens?

I’m so excited about seeing the Rogue One trailer tomorrow that I thought I would post a bonus article. Here goes…

OK, so I didn’t see this anywhere online, so either I’m crazy, or I could be the first to point this out. It appears that maybe, just maybe, JJ Abrams put Batman into the Maz’s castle scene. Why would I ever think such a thing would happen?

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The obvious and subtle parallels between Rey and Ren

We’ve commented at lengths about the numerous parallels between Rey and Ren. Yeah, that’s right, I’ve called him “Ren” instead of Kylo as a usually do because we’ve recently learned that the Knights of Ren are named after Kylo Ren. Not the other way around as early reports suggested. It was originally said by Abrams in an Entertainment Weekly interview that Kylo Ren took the name “Ren” when he joined the Knights of Ren.

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Rebels: So…now what?

Now that we have the second season of Rebels in the bag we have to ask ourselves what happens next. Where will our intrepid heroes end up? To answer those questions we need to first review what happened in the finale. I must admit I was ultimately disappointed in the finale. more “Rebels: So…now what?”