Weekly Recap #33: April 4th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars fans! Hope you had a good weekend. We’ve got a few morsels of news here, so let’s get started:

1)Making Star Wars once again has a scoop with new info on the design of a hover tank driver in Rogue One

davestrrr: Interesting design. I don’t see the resemblance to the other TFA concept art that they point out, but I still think it’s potentially cool. I will say that this design takes the “cyclops” thing even further, harkening back to so many comparisons to the Iliad that people have made.

mazlow01: I’m really interested in what they are doing for Rogue One most importantly the marketing… there’s been next to nothing. I really wonder what the goal is… let the TFA DVD and Rebels finale die down then release a trailer? Release it with Civil War? I want to see these ideas on screen already!

Cork’s English Market

2) Another location, Cork’s English Market, for Episode VIII is being reported by Entertainment.ie 

davestrrr: I’m trying to imagine the above market place filled with aliens and space-vegetables and space-fruits. Maybe some “hapabore” meat in there…”Hapapork”? I’m sure they could do some thing with this. I’m guessing it is the kind of a scene where they have to go to the back of the store to meet some old guy that has the answer. Like the old guy in Gremlins in a hole-in-the-wall store.

mazlow01: Man they love Ireland don’t they? I’m curious as to what is going on with this whole casino scene idea.

3) Mark Hamill has shared two images of interest on Twitter

davestrrr: The idea of Luke knowing Maz and meeting up sounds great! We speculated way back about Maz being some sort of a Jedi. She isn’t, but she knows the Force. Maybe she had some connections to Luke going way back to the days between RotJ and TFA?

mazlow01: Hmmm you think Maz and Luke meet up? I’d love that! And Poe being there too? Final confrontation of Episode VIII? Plus night shoots… what’s that about? Maybe an extended look at the destruction of Luke’s students?

4) The stone Temple on Skellig Micheal have been recreated at pinewood:


davestrrr: Very cool, and not surprising. There will be a lot of scenes with Luke and Rey in this location, so extra sets makes sense. I would expect they have an indoor set created for scenes inside the huts? I can only assume. Again, this suggests that we’ll see a lot of scenes with Rey and Luke training on Ahch-To, just like Luke and Yoda in ESB. Hopefully some mystical statements about the nature of the Force as well…

mazlow01: I think this was expected as its so difficult to film there. Still I have to think that Luke and Rey will be there for at least one third of the movie.

5) Whatculture.com has a report of John Boyega calling Kelly Marie Tran a new lead character

davestrrr: Not sure what he means here…is she “a” lead, or is she “the” lead? I guess she will be a lead, and a possible love interest for Finn possibly. Could Finn be torn between two ladies? Not sure. This would be a twist on the old Luke and Han going for Leia. Could we see two women caught in a triangle of sorts with Finn? Time will tell. I checked out some of her videos for collegehumor, and she is pretty funny. I see some potential for her to play a big part in comic relief. Combine that with Boyega’s natural comedic instinct could be a good combo.

mazlow01: So she’s his partner in this movie like I suspected. I wonder if they will be romantic or if she’s teaching him things he needs to know.

6) Collider.com has an interview with Ewan McGregor where he confirms he’d love to play Obi-wan again.

davestrrr: Love Ewan’s attitude. He is such a great guy. Cool that he is down for another and seems to have a decent sense of what the movie would be. I for one would hope that Obi Wan would have to leave Tatooine for a bit of an excursion off-planet. I think an Obi Wan movie, or trilogy, that is completely stuck on Tatooine would be a bit of a bore.

mazlow01: This is one idea for a look back at an established character that I would actually want to see.


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