Is that Batman in The Force Awakens?

I’m so excited about seeing the Rogue One trailer tomorrow that I thought I would post a bonus article. Here goes…

OK, so I didn’t see this anywhere online, so either I’m crazy, or I could be the first to point this out. It appears that maybe, just maybe, JJ Abrams put Batman into the Maz’s castle scene. Why would I ever think such a thing would happen?

Well, there has been a little bit a friendly competition between JJ Abrams and Zack Snyder to see who can one-up the other by putting Batman/Superman references in Star Wars stuff and vice versa. There was a tweet by Zack Snyder that may have started it over a year ago:

There was the video that JJ made revealing that the “batmobile” is underneath the life-size set-piece of the Millennium Falcon:

And other tweets by Zack Snyder:

The Millennium Falcon video may have been the mic-drop to end this thing, but it might be that JJ just doubled-down on Batman and stuck him in the bar scene in Maz’s castle. I actually saw this in the movie, and couldn’t do anything about it without taking a photo in the theatre. So I waited. Patiently. Until now! Here it is:


See him? This is right after Finn and Rey enter the castle following Han. He is to the left and appears to be dealing cards…dealing cards? Is that a Joker reference? Let’s zoom in:


So you can see the two ears, and it kind of has an openning exactly where Batman’s mouth is. Right after this, the camera pans left quickly, making this guy too blurry to take a good screen capture. Here are two other attempts:

You can see in the second one it gets blurry. Well, pop in the blue-ray or fire-up the digital video and see for yourself. I’d love to get a second opinion! I think if it isn’t Batman, the colors and the shape definitely evokes him strongly when you see it in the movie and focus in on it. It’s almost as if the it is concealed in the way the camera cuts left, and it is kind of out of focus. That, and I’ve never seen any other images of this character in any of the group photos. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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