The biggest questions for Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX

Now that I have The Force Awakens on Blu-Ray and can watch it whenever I want I have been thinking more and more about the questions that the movie left unanswered. Some of these questions will most likely be answered in spin off materials such as novels and comics but others are key to how the main story will progress. Others will influence how we see the characters moving forward and influence their actions too. Lets figure out what big questions there are  that TFA left us and what we think will be answered in either Episode VIII or IX. Note we are NOT attempting to answer these questions yet, just identify ones we will need answered.


First up what has Luke been up to and and what was going on before he left. We know Luke was training a new group of Jedi and that it was destroyed by Kylo Ren. However we don’t how many he had recruited, how he was training, did he find anyone else that had already received training? Also where was he when his students were killed? Why did he think it was a good idea to go into hiding and search out the first Jedi temple? The first two questions will likely be answered by spin off materials however the last two inform us of Luke’s motivation so I expect them to be answered in movie. Some of the other questions i expect answered are will Luke still have his green lightsaber, will he confront Snoke and is he still communicating with any of his old masters through the force? Will he face off against Kylo Ren? Will he only train Rey or will there be more new Jedi that he will train?


Speaking of Snoke we have a TON of questions about him, most of which I expect to be answered in spin off. Details of past, how he got the scars(unless Luke gave them to him) , how he took over the First Order are all big ideas that will be left to things outside the movie. I expect we will see what he actually looks like “in person” and what if any lightsaber he will use. I also think we will find out the WHY of him taking over the Empire’s remnants and what his true goal is. I don’t think its to take over the galaxy. I think that is more of Kylo and General Hux’s goal. Will he build another superweapon or will he instead focus on the goal of eliminating the Jedi?


Kylo’s past greatly influences not only his character but his motivations. I expect most of what we learn including details will be revealed in movie. We will learn more of why he felt abandoned, why he had so much “Vader” in him and most importantly HOW Snoke was able to seduce him.Also is there still light in him and can he be saved? There are lots of little questions like will he still wear a mask and does he get a new lightsaber that will answered fairly quickly but the big questions will likely be spread throughout the next two movies.


Finn, first let me say I don’t think we’ll ever find out who his parents are and I suspect if anything we’ll find out they were killed. Like Kylo most of the questions about him will be filled in via the movies.The real question is will he be trained in the ways of the force? Who will train him if he is? Will he and Rey have a romance? Will he face off against Captain Phasma or Kylo Ren again? Is he permanently injured/slowed down due to his battle with Kylo?


Rey! Ok this is the big one. Again most of these will be answered via the movie. Who are her parents? The actress herself recently said the she knows but doesn’t think its a big deal. However that is Daisy saying that it doesn’t mean it won’t be a big deal to the character of Rey or us the fans. It also leads me to believe we know at least one of her parents. Did she have ANY training previously? Is she a Skywalker? Will she face Snoke? Will she face a healthy Kylo and still be able to do as well? Will she be tempted ala Luke and Anakin to join the darkside?

There are many more characters that have unanswered questions like Leia, Poe and Maz but I don’t think the answers to their questions have the impact on our stories as those I’ve listed. Let us know what questions you have that we missed in the comments or on our twitter @spoiledbluemilk 


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