Rebels: The Obi-wan Temptation

With continued leaks from Ireland on Episode VIII and publication leaks for Rogue One its easy to forget that there is another Star Wars property that is in production and will be on screen this year, Rebels. Because of this many people have overlooked the interview with Dave Filoni where he says he would want Ewan to voice Obi-wan if they bring him in. The question is  when and why they would bring in Obi-wan and is it a good idea? Lets explore!

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What role will Yoda play in Episode VIII?

There is no question that Yoda is one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars saga. The little green Jedi is one of the wisest and most powerful ever, and also tells us you can’t judge a book by its cover. I must admit, I’ve always been a fan of Yoda ever since I can remember, going back to ESB when I was 6 years old. Back then, I had a more vivid memory of the Yoda action figure than the actual movie, but still Yoda was a cool little dude. In this spoiler-laden speculation article we ask the question, what role will Yoda play in Episode VIII?

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Weekly Star Wars Recap #40: May 22nd 2016

Hello there, Star Wars fans! It’s time for another round of the Weekly Star Wars Recap. Hard to believe, but this is our 40th week doing this, so we’re approaching one year pretty quickly. It’s actually been a pretty intense week for leaks and rumors on the latest Star Wars feature film projects. As usual, spoilers ahead, so stop reading if you want to avoid them! So, without further adieu, let’s get to it!

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Weekly Recap #39: May 16th 2016

Happy Monday, fellow Star Wars fans! Things are really starting to feel like Summer. We just had George Lucas’ 72nd birthday on May 1, and we’re rapidly approaching the the 39th anniversary of Star Wars on this coming May 25th. So what happened this past week? We’ve got some really hot of the press updates about filming for Episode VIII. Therefore, as usual, be warned of possible SPOILERS below. Let’s get into it:

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The latest thinking on Rey’s parentage

With the recent release of Bloodline, we have gotten numerous bits of information about the galaxy far far away in the times leading up to The Force Awakens. Among some of the most impactful are some ideas that pertain to Rey and her origins. Let’s explore some of the ramifications here for a bit. As usual, consider yourself warned as the following contains spoilers for the novel Bloodline.

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The First Order’s Original Plan

While the rest of the Star Wars world has focused on Rian Johnson’s contributions to Bloodline, I have continued to ponder what the First Order’s plans to take over galaxy were. I mentioned this in the article on Bloodline we did last week and I it has been on my mind ever since. The more I think about the tiny hints in the book the more I realize that the First Order had plans that much more Machiavellian than we ended up seeing in The Force Awakens. Stop reading now to avoid spoilers from Bloodline.

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Bloodline: The expected, the unexpected, and new info!

Lets start off with a warning, this will be a spoiler filled article on the novel  Bloodline, so if you have’t read it and don’t want to read spoilers then run away now lil children. Still here? Then consider yourself warned. Last Friday we did an article reviewing what we expected to see in Bloodline and how it would relate. I think we did pretty well, though there were also a few new pieces of information I didn’t expect.

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Let’s chop down that tree!

Happy Star Wars Day, Star Wars fans! What a year we’ve had since the last one. It’s also been somewhat decent of a week for leaks and news. This is the first time, that I can remember, that we’ve had multiple lines of evidence connecting around one singular item. Once we reach a critical mass of information about a Star Wars film, then the theories start flying fast and furious.

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