Weekly Recap #37: May 2nd 2016

Greetings, Star Wars fans. Not much released but there were some cool photos from Episode 8 sets and Mads is getting dangerously close to ruining his NDA! Spoilers ahead.

1) Tons of set pics featuring the Millennium Falcon from @starwarsdirect 

Set leaks from Star Wars Direct

mazlow01: This looks like they recreated the steps of Ahch-to and a space port.. could that be on the same planet? Maybe its a bit of civilization on the planet? Either way we can expect to see Rey and Luke there along with Chewie! What is up with that tree too? Could it be another of those trees mentioned that Luke rescued from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant?

davestrrr: Very cool. I think there is a lot of interest and excitement into that tree. Yes, I was also thinking of the trees that Luke took during Shattered Empire. Makes me wonder if this tree plays a similar role for the first Jedi temple? Glad they are continuing with these amazing sets.

2) Mads Mikkelsen has confirmed his role in Rogue One on SkyOne and speaks a bit more about the movie with The Evening Standard!


mazlow01: SAWEET! Another win for MSW and Mads is probably dangerously close to messing up his NDA. Though this confirms what we already had heard it does make his character more and more like Oppenheimer to me.

davestrrr: So he is Jyn’s father. I guess this confirms what Making Star Wars had reported a while ago. I wonder if he survives the movie? Mads has said probably a few too many things so far and he has been an amazing source of info. We know he is not a bad guy, and he is the father of the main protagonist. Funny that Mads seems to say that Rogue One takes place between 7 and 8. Ooops!

3) Rian Johnson posted a couple of shots on his tumblr account announcing the shoot was half way done!

rcjohnso tumblr

mazlow01: Two questions who is that in the X-wing and what is in the background on the screen of that First Order ship. It almost looks like a Death Star read out but for some reason I doubt they’d be doing another super weapon.

davestrrr: Great set pieces. Very OT, in fact very ANH. RJ is doing a decent job of sending us stuff, although not as dramatic as JJ’s tweets.

4) Episode 8 is setting up for shooting at Malin Head(pics)

mazlow01: At first I thought this was related to the shots in our first link but its obviously something different. I wonder what this will entail?

davestrrr: Very interesting. Not much there other than they are setting up next to the coast. That would suggest that they are filming something near the coast of the island. Hard to say what this could be, could be a very simple short shot, or a more complex sequence. We’ll have to keep our eyes on this and see if anything else leaks.

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