Weekly Recap #38: May 9th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars Fans! May the 4th has come and gone, and so has Revenge of the sixth. Holy crap, we’re almost half-way to June.

art by Michael Pasquale

1. Recent post from MakingStarWars suggests that Darth Vader was in the Rogue One trailer!


davestrrr: This is plausible, and I had a hunch it was Vader, actually. How could Vader not be in Rogue One? However, my concern is this post suggests that this will only be a cameo. How could they just do a cameo? I’m hoping to see some serious Vader action. Fighting, lightsaber, etc. Full-on Vader!

mazlow01: I think I said this when we first got the Trailer… so I am awesome. Or just not obsessed with Snoke and the Emperor. I do hope we see Vader kick some serious tail. Though I wonder WHO is the other person?


2. A new tweet from Pablo Hidalgo clarifies

davestrrr: This is an interesting point. So why would Rian Johnson want to play a role in writing something about the New Republic in this book? Could this suggest a greater role for politics in Episode VIII, or does it suggest that it will be discussed less and the book merely sets it up? I would somehow think the former could be true given how little politics were in TFA. That said, who knows. Maybe they’re avoiding political stuff because it bored people during the prequels.

mazlow01: That tells me two things Rian is setting up the drama for teh resistance’s and Leia internal struggle and tells us the information that SOMEONE on Centrist/bad guys team is a double agent of sorts.



3. We got some confirmation from Mark Hammil that the rumored “severed hand + lightsaber” opening scene was in fact true!

davestrrr: Wow. This was a bit of a surprise. I guess I was really expecting this scene to be the opening to TFA. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see it at the beginning of TFA. Now we finally know the truth of what happened. It looks like this scene was cut. There is a tiny quote in the TFA novelization during Rey’s Force-back that describes a saber hitting the ground. This could be a remnant of this scene!

mazlow01: I am really surprised this was considered but I’m guessing that the immediate hate surrounding it when the rumor was released changed JJ’s mind


4. The full-length version of “Jabba Flow”, from the Maz’s castle scene has been posted to StarWars.com

davestrrr: I guess we had suspected that this would happen. There were reports way back when that we would eventually get it. And now it’s here. This sounds a bit more “dub” than the version from the movie. Definitely cool and worth putting on your May the 4th playlist for next year, or for the car drive down to Orlando in 2017.

mazlow01: Its cool, I think it should have been included on the soundtrack but whatever


5. New “Force for Change” video with Daisy Ridley, and some possible background sets from Episode VIII.


davestrrr: Daisy looks all-business here, and probably is taking a break from working out. Hard core. There are some cool set constructions in the back, like some tanks and some storage containers. The costumes are old news from TFA, but I still remember a time when an image of these costumes would have been pure GOLD! Now, it’s a bit ho-hum. Hoping for some sweet-sweet footage sometime soon.

mazlow01: Here’s a thought… what if its from Rogue One’s set? It doesn’t have to be an Episode VIII set. Just saying.


6. Photo from DisneyLand has a tiny tidbit about Luke’s saber. Turns out it was salvaged from the industrial depths of Cloud City:


davestrrr: On the one hand, this is totally expected. How could it not be found in the depths of Cloud City? that said, we don’t know if this quote is official material or if it’s just someone at Disney Land taking some creative license with a sign. Either way, this is a totally reasonable event and a marginal increase in our knowledge of what happened to the saber.

mazlow01: I think this was expected, its not like it could have survived the fall to center of a gas giant…