Weekly Star Wars Recap #41: May 31st 2016

Good day to you, Star Wars fans! We took yesterday off for Memorial day, but we decided you still deserved a recap so we scoured the reputable sources for all the news you need to know, and you might have missed last week! Beware there be spoilers ahead. Let’s get to it!

1) Our friends at Making Star Wars (MSW) have a bunch of photos from the Irish set of Episode VIII

davestrrr: The monster thing is the most intriguing for me. One because monsters are cool and we need a good monster attack, and two because we can’t even be sure that that’s what it is! The image is faint, but it does look like the torso of a weird creature. His arm looks like it could be aquatic, because it looks like a fin. This could be a costume with a head that would be added with CGI, but hard to say. The Knight of Ren looks like he has a bo-staff, and presumably this will be used in the fight with Luke and Rey.

mazlow01: Man that guy needs a telephoto lens! I don’t agree with Jason’s analysis that Kylo and Rey appear to be in an embrace. That shot could be from a break in acting and they could talking and in each others face. But still cool to see that Kylo and Rey will be facing off on Ahch-to

2) Another gem from MSW about Luke having a vision that includes a binary sunset, could we be headed back to Tatooine?

davestrrr: From the way this reads, it looks like it’s some sort of vision. Some sort of Force-meditation induced vision that maybe calms Luke down. As if he conjures a vision of twin suns to make him feel at home. Funny how all that time he didn’t like Tatooine and thought it was the planet farthest from the bright center of the galaxy, and now he is longing for that place. For that time. Luke’s seen some shtuff and he needs a break.

mazlow01: I hope we get to see Tatooine again, maybe check in on Watto and Kister or Cammie? Or just you know go to Obi-wan’s old house and pack up his stuff, whatever!


3) Even more Knights of Ren goodness from MSW

davestrrr: My interpretation of this is this is before the fight. It seems like there was a crash landing and maybe one of the knights was killed? My hope: Luke brought down the ship. How cool would it be if Luke and Rey see them coming, and Luke uses the Force to compel the ship to do a crash landing à la Force unleashed!?

mazlow01: Based on this it sounds like Kylo arrives separate from the Knights of Ren to Ahch-to. Perhaps he sends them there to scout and make sure that Luke is there? Kylo’s ship is on fire from what it sounds like which makes me think Luke or locals shoot him down. Interesting… very interesting.


4) Oblivion State brought us a BOATLOAD of close up high def shots of one of the Irish sets.

davestrrr: Amazing photos. I don’t know if there is a filter on those pics, or if the detail on the Falcon is that awesome. A lot of this is what we’ve seen before, but maybe better. Worth a view.

mazlow01: This is cool as all get out but nothing of spoilerific goodness, I’m surprised they were able to get that close though.


5) Starwarsnews.net has edited an interview with Lawrence Kasdan from the Atlanta Business Chronicle(our home town!) about Episode 8/9 and the Han Solo movie.

davestrrr: Good stuff. Not very spoilery, but still pretty good. I’m very excited for the young Han film, so here’s hoping they pull that off.

mazlow01: I like how he confirms the basic plot of 8 and 9 are already set in stone, and he seems really excited about the Han Solo project. Perhaps I have been too quick to judge on this one.


6) Looks like those at Star Wars Celebration Europe will get to see the first two episodes of Rebels and possibly see who the Legends character Filoni will be bringing back.

davestrrr: Awesome! I’m especially interested in seeing what Ezra’s new look is like, and how they’ll deal with Kanan’s new blindness.

mazlow01: My bias here is going to come through. I liked Rebels until the very end of last season. Bringing Maul back AGAIN is stupid and I hate it. Now the rumor is Thrawn will be in this season… I really wish they’d get rid of Filoni or at least not let him run anymore cartoons. I swear he’d put Maul in a Post TFA cartoon if they gave it too him.


7)Donny Yen is quoted as heading back to London for some photography for Rogue One in Oriental Daily a Chinese paper translated by Jaynestars.

davestrrr: No surprise as  reshoots are common. Hopefully this will only make the movie better.

mazlow01: Ok so here’s my hot take,  this could be anything from publicity photos to scheduled Reshoots which are common. Or it could just be bad reporting, time will tell on this one.


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