Vader: A Rogue One Story.

Vader, if there is a more iconic original villain in movie history you’d hard pressed to prove it. The all black costume combined with the height and the voice of James Earl Jones makes him menacing in a way that is next to indescribable. The calm controlled evil Vader showed throughout the original trilogy made him a next to irredeemable character that eventually was redeemed. Now we know we get more live action Vader in Rogue One and I couldn’t be giddier or more apprehensive. Today we’ll explore what we think we’re getting and why, if we’re right, it will only help the legend of Vader.

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Chirrut, the “spiritual warrior”

Greetings, Star Wars fans! Today, we now have some new information on Rogue One that we can actually sink our teeth into. What a difference. We’ve been through some ups and downs with rumors of reshoots etc, so it feels so good to actually have something concrete. One of the characters that we now have enough to start saying something about is Chirrut Imwe, played by Donnie Yen. Let’s take a look at the latest info on this character quite unlike anything we’ve seen in Star Wars.

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Rogue One news dropping like its hot.

I woke up today wishing I had more Rogue One news and then boom Anthony Breznican at uploads this story about this week’s cover all about Rogue One. Then about two hours later he drops another article with 10 new characters that names 9 and leaves us wondering about Forrest Whitaker’s identity, who is someone we know which we find out about in his last article of the day! Lets jump into it and look at what Anthony has brought us today(more to come too!)

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Leia, the Force and the Resistance

Leia has always been one of my favorite characters, not just in Star Wars but overall. I get excited about seeing Leia on screen again and it was one of my personal high points to see her in TFA. Over the past two months we’ve gotten a couple of reports of what Leia will be up to in VIII and I want to explore what that means for the character, the Resistance and the film itself. Potential SPOILERS for Episode VIII below, so read on at your own discretion.

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A Brief History of Kyber Crystals

Greetings, Star Wars fans! Most of you know that kyber crystals are the heart of lightsabers. These special crystals amplify energy, thus producing the plasma blade. They are also deeply rooted in Jedi tradition. Luminara Unduli went as far as to say to her apprentice Barriss Offee about the crystals:

“The crystal is the heart of the blade. The heart is the crystal of the Jedi. The Jedi is the crystal of the Force. The Force is the blade of the heart. All are intertwined. The crystal, the blade, the Jedi. You are one.” (Star Wars: Clone Wars Chapter 14)

But what role have kyber crystals played in the broader Star Wars galaxy? Read on for more, and beware of potential SPOILERS for Rogue One and Episode VIII.

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How did Padme die?

One of the most troubling moments in Revenge of the Sith was the death of Padme. In the movie, we are only given the following:

Medically, she’s fine. We don’t know why, she’s lost the will to live

So why did she die exactly? For many people this part of the movie seemed a bit like a cop-out, and were still left wondering how she died exactly. Anakin as Vader is later troubled to find out she died. He was convinced that she was alive and could “feel” that she was alive. So what happened? Was it the Force-choke? Was it a broken heart? Let’s examine some of the theories.

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Legends, EU, Canon, and the Future

On April 25th 2014 Lucasfilm relegated all of the previous Expanded Universe(EU) books to the Legends name and would no longer produce books that followed the timeline and canon it had established. This was done for obvious reasons as they were planning a sequel trilogy and other movies and could not creatively be held back by the efforts of dozens of different writers over 3 decades. There are however a small and dedicated group of fans that have rejected the loss of the stories as being “canon” and want Lucasfilm to continue the other timeline as it should be the real story. Today we are going to examine their claims, ask if canon even matters and what it all means going forward. more “Legends, EU, Canon, and the Future”

Clickbait, Rumors, and Sources

Earlier this week a paper that shall go unnamed released a report of panic and confusion concerning Rogue One and reshoots. This is just latest report concerning future blockblusters and reshoots to be blown out of proportion and using a tiny bit of correct information to make things seem dire and it all seems to be related to generating clicks and views. Why are we letting them manipulate us, what is clickbait and what sources should we listen to?

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