Snoke Week: Part One!

Snoke, Leader of the First Order, seducer of Ben Solo to the Darkside, and… well that’s about all we really know isn’t it? I mean we know he’s not human but humanoid, he saw the Rise and Fall of the Empire and he has force abilities. There have been a TON of theories about who Snoke is from Anakin to Palpatine to Plaguies and for the most part they are terrible. However there is one that might not be and it follows along with my thinking as of late. Lets dig in and warning possible spoilers ahead.

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Rebels Expanding the Universe

When The Clone Wars cartoon was ended after Disney bought Lucasfilm, it left a couple of  threads unfinished. What happens to Maul and the Dark Saber? What happens to Ahsoka after Order 66? Over the last two seasons of Rebels we’ve learned a bit about this with Maul returning and Ahsoka turning out to be Fulcrum in addition to getting to know new characters. Based on the trailer and announcements from Star Wars Celebration Europe we know the Rebels development team is going to continue to develop those stories as well as try to bring legends back, specifically Thrawn. Let’s now explore how Rebels Season 3 will resurface these questions and expand the Star Wars universe.  more “Rebels Expanding the Universe”

The best new shots from the Rogue One trailer

Greetings Star Wars fans! Loud rumbles made their way throughout Star Wars fandom this weekend, as the Rogue One trailer was an exclusive for only Celebration Europe attendees. Fans that couldn’t make the convention will have to wait for an official release of the trailer. We’re here today to bring you the shots from the trailer that you may not have seen already. Spoilers for the trailer below (not really spoilers for the movie as it’s all part of the trailer)

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Luke’s new Force-powers

It’s interesting to compare the Force-powers that are used by Jedi in the Prequel trilogy compared to the Original Trilogy. On the whole, Jedi are more aggressive in their moves in the prequels. Force-pushes all over the place, throwing lightsabers into enemies. When we look at Luke in the OT, apart from a few Force-chokes, Luke seems to stick to Yoda’s rule that a “Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack”.

What kind of Force-powers will Luke have in Episode VIII? Will it be the same old stuff that we saw in the OT, or will he do some new and amazing stuff? Let’s take a look at all the rumors we have about Luke, see if there are any patterns in the Force-powers that he is rumored to have. As usual, there are possible SPOILERS for Episode VIII, so proceed with caution.

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Weekly Star Wars Recap #47: July 11th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars fans! It’s been a bit of a quiet week for sure in Star Wars world. We feel like we are kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one, but we’ve managed to put together a few bits of news to hold you till next week when the floodgates of Star Wars Celebration open. We may even do an article on Friday when something big hits. Let’s get to the news:

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Where are they now? Rogue One

As more and more Rogue One news comes out we have more and more questions. Today we’re talking about whatever happened to the Death troopers in the Original Trilogy or why don’t we see U-wings in ANH and other questions like that. Lets look at what we have that is new and why they possibly never show up again.

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Rogue One: bringing it all together

Hello, Star Wars fans! Welcome back to another edition of SpoiledBlueMilk. You know, I’m still reeling from the news that a Clone Wars character, Saw Gerrera, will be in Rogue One! This realization opened up a lot of possibilities in terms of what other characters will be in Rogue One. I want to take a moment and contemplate a few recent revelations about characters that may show up in Rogue One and further connect this movie to Star Wars TV and movies. Potential spoilers below, so proceed with caution.

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The calm before the Rogue One storm

Greetings, Star Wars fans! We’ve had a relatively quiet week this week compared to last week when we got a huge onslaught of Rogue One news and information. It all came in the form of several EW articles. We’re on the verge of what is expected to be a ton of new information at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration starting July 15th. This new information will be for both Episode VIII and Rogue One, as well as for Rebels and I’m sure a lot of other Star Wars properties. Nevertheless, there are still a few items that we found out this week on Rogue One, and many of them may give us some clues as to what news we can look forward to at Celebration.

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