Where are they now? Rogue One

As more and more Rogue One news comes out we have more and more questions. Today we’re talking about whatever happened to the Death troopers in the Original Trilogy or why don’t we see U-wings in ANH and other questions like that. Lets look at what we have that is new and why they possibly never show up again.

source: Entertainment Weekly
source: Entertainment Weekly

Ok lets start with to me the biggest “what happened?” question. Why do we never see these Death Troopers again? They are being presented as special forces and while they may not have been assigned to the Death Star or even needed for the assault on Hoth surely they would have been part the “entire Legion of my best troops” that the Emperor mentions in RotJ. So why don’t we see them again? My theory is because they are all dead after Rogue One and not at the hands of the Rebels. I believe based on what we have heard, and my gut, that they are the personal force of Director Orson Krennic. I believe they are wiped out for two reasons. One they failed to stop the Rebels from escaping with the stolen plans. Two the Emperor commands it because he is planning on dissolving the senate and does not want any of his commanders to have personal forces. This is of course carried out by Vader, the Emperor’s personal one man special forces.


Source: Lucasfilm
TIE Striker (above) and U-wing Source: Lucasfilm

Next we have questions of the ships. In the case of the Empire, each movie introduced us to new ships and it would not be surprising that the Empire has nearly unlimited supplies. The TIE Striker could easily evolve into the TIE advanced as well. Another idea is that the TIE Striker is the intermediate design between the Jedi Starfighter from RotS and the TIE fighter, so this ship design could be on its way out by Rogue One. On the Rebel side I am a bit confused why we never see the U-Wing again except that while its a capable fighter it appears its main use is troop transport and support. This was not needed in any of the movies after Rogue One so it could in theory be around but never seen because it was of doubtful usefulness. That still leaves RotJ as a hole in my mind however as it appears the Rebels have committed their entire force at Endor and we should see the U-Wing. Lets just leave it at disappointing.


My final thought is to the idea that Jedi were worshiped by people. The Church of the Force has been introduced in TFA and it appears Chirrut Îmwe in Rogue One is some type of Jedi follower if not member of the Church of the Force. One would think that as knowledge of Luke Skywalker son of Anakin was a leader in the Rebellion began to spread these people would begin to show up. They could point him int the right direction for him to learn more. I would think they would be heavily involved with the Rebellion… this newly created plot hole bothers me the most and I have no solution to it. Were they really that underground? Or perhaps they were around and just very rare to the point of not showing up on film. Let us know your ideas and your potential unanswered questions in the comments below.

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