Weekly Star Wars Recap #47: July 11th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars fans! It’s been a bit of a quiet week for sure in Star Wars world. We feel like we are kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one, but we’ve managed to put together a few bits of news to hold you till next week when the floodgates of Star Wars Celebration open. We may even do an article on Friday when something big hits. Let’s get to the news:


1. Episode VIII has officially wrapped

Meanwhile, both John Boyega and Anthony Daniels have confirmed they are done filming.

davestrrr: Well, that’s it. They definitely managed to keep this one heavily under wraps. I’m hoping that we will get more leaks in post-production, because so far the leaks we’ve got have been minimal compared to TFA. What has changed other than Director? Lessons learned from TFA I suppose.

mazlow01: The wrap party was last night, I’m guessing they got done early? I thought they were filming until July 21st for some reason. I’m not how much stuff leaked while shooting was occurring versus how was leaked afterward, but i thought it was mainly after shooting…  Either way I expect to get alot more information after Rogue One is out.


2. Jedi-bibliothek.de has posted an image showing the name of the new planet on Ahch-To, which they later took down on request. The planet’s name: Scarif


davestrrr: The fact that they took the image down really suggests that it is real. I’ll have to admit I was pretty convinced that somehow it would be Onderon. New planets seems to be the trend. It’s a big galaxy after all.

mazlow01: This is real and I believe this is what Pablo stated he was working on earlier this month. Pretty cool. Nothing shocking here but I take in all new information.


3. We also got an image of “Mr Bones”, a Trade Federation battle droid that has been heavily modified by Snap Wexley in the Aftermath novel. This is worth mentioning because Snap is of course in the movies played by Greg Grunberg and who knows, maybe this guy will appear in the movies at some point.

Del Rey Books

davestrrr: Definitely has a Maul look going for him. Somehow I am pretty doubtful that this guy would appear in the movies, but who knows. I wouldn’t mind a fun connection to the prequels like this, but the trend seems to be to pretend that the prequels never took place.

mazlow01: I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the movies assuming he survives the aftermath novel series. I’m not sure he will though. I also like giving the old B-1 droid a remake. Paint, decoration and personality are pretty cool.


4. MSW has this video of Luke Meditating and the same guy also posted another long range video

davestrrr: This is really hard to see what is going on there. I would have thought that he would be sitting down in a full-lotus or half-lotus like Yoda and Mace did or something, but maybe that isn’t necessary. Also the standing position harkens back to that famous scene from ANH with the twin sunset. It will be interesting to see how much they make this scene an homage to that scene, or how much it will be completely separate. With the twin sunset in the background, it would be hard to not bring that scene to mind.

mazlow01: This once again confirms information MSW posted earlier about a meditation rock scene possibly even Luke being aware that Kylo and KoR are there or him bringing Kylo down. Neither video shows us much but still very cool and highlights one of the dangers of filming on real sets… the public can get their shots.