Sizzle one more time: Rogue One panel and sizzle reel!

There has plenty coming out of Star Wars Celebration Europe and it looks like we’ll get the trailer tonight for Rogue One. For now, we have an awesome panel discussion and a sizzle reel! There are some spoilers and a MAJOR SPOILER at the end, so beware. 

By now you’ve probably seen it but just in case here it is a video of just the Rogue One panel:

Gareth Edwards comes across as the coolest dude. What great personality!

John Knoll presented some early concepts for Rogue One:


Davestrrr: I love this concept! Quite a departure of what actually ended up, but looks amazing. John Knoll seemed to call it the “original group”. EDIT: after Mazl0w01’s comment below, I am wondering if the original concept was to have Mara Jade?!?!

Mazlow01: I love this concept too though I’m betting a redhead in Star Wars would have been immediately called Mara Jade by the fans because we can’t let stuff go…

Two New planets! Scarif, which is where the Death Star plans are and it was shot in the Maldives and then there is Jedha which is a mecca of sorts for Force believers and where we meet Donnie Yen’s Chirrut Imwe, Jiang Wen’s Baze Malgus, and Riz Ahmed’s Bodhi Rook.

Davestrrr:  The concept of “Jedha” is a bit of a surprise. Sort of the Jedi version of Mecca? Is this what the Empire seeks to destroy, and maybe this conflict is how the movie starts off?

Mazlow01: The story Gareth told about the local miliatry being storm troopers was awesome and hilarious. We forget that Star Wars is a western thing more than global. Also Jedha… wonder if this is where Jedi came from? Sure the first temple is on Ahch-to but the first could have come from here right?

Next we got a glimpse of the poster that fans attending the panel got to take home:


Davestrrr: I love it. Definitely reminds me of the sneak peak “teaser” we got at Celebration Anaheim. If you haven’t seen the footage, check it out here. It also reminds me of this “leak” that may have ended up being fake, otherwise it would have been taken down.

Mazlow01: This is a great poster, visually damn near perfect.

Next we got the SIZZLE REEL! Here it is if you just want to watch that. There is so much to discuss on that one!

Davestrrr: Very cool. I’m totally stoked now. The first few shots I wasn’t sure, but this reel gets better and better as you go.

Mazlow01: This was cool as hell and at first I thought it was the trailer but I was happy with what we got. Tons of news shots included quite a few of Baze and Chirrut kicking butt and taking names. Very happy to see Warrick Davis too, I wonder if his role is background or gets lines? I swear he is as much a part of Star Wars now as any other actor even though his roles are always small.

This wasn’t part of the sizzle reel, but still cool. We got a shot of K2S0 before the CGI with CGI and possibly with some stand-in robotics. There was this scene where he is handed a bag, and then drops it:


Davestrrr: I loved this. We finally get a glimpse of the personality of K2. I really like the fact that they may have used some live-action stand-in for the robot for certain shots. Actually, I’m not sure about that, but Alan Tudyk says that this was “before CGI”, but could have been referring to another shot.

Mazlow01: I believe that he was referring to where you could see his back and Jyn and Cassian. The characterization that Alan Tudyk described was awesome. A reprogrammed droid that isn’t quite all there is honest in a way old people often are and doesn’t really know any better. I already love the character.  Let me just say that Alan is a national treasure. He was hilarious and knows how to play the game, honestly they should have him do as much press as possible.

Riz Ahmed confirmed that his character Bodhi Rook flies for the Empire but its more of a job than mission and the oppression he sees on his home world of Jedha is what makes him join the other side.

Davestrrr: It sounded like Bodhi Rook starts off as part of the Empire and doesn’t agree with them. That was a bit of a surprise to me, actually! So it would sound like he is a bit of a deserter or a traitor to the Empire, thus adding more backstory to him.

Mazlow01: Rook sounds like my kind of guy. He’s really just trying to get by and then his employer(The Empire) takes it one step too far.. now he’s a rebel. I could see plenty of people doing this.


Next we had an interview with Mads Mikkelsen, playing Galen Erso. We actually got our first glimpse of what his character looks like:

Galen Erso
Galen Erso

Davestrrr: Wow, with this image, I’m feeling more and more like this guy could be a young Lor San Tekka. I don’t know if this is controversial or not, but to me it would make a lot of sense! Time will tell. I believe it a little more with the beard and the look.

Mazlow01: I don’t think he’s Lor San Tekka but I do believe this is after he figured out what he had done and he goes into hiding… maybe he joins the Church of the Force but I don’t see him as Lor.

The characters that we got to see were pretty awesome. We got a nice clear shot of this guy “Bistan” laughing maniacally.


Davestrrr: I wasn’t sure how he would look on screen, but he seems to be kind of cool. No doubt this guy will be some good comic relief. I can already tell this guy will be funny.

Mazlow01: This guy is going to be a fan favorite, I’m calling it now. Also can’t wait for the toy!


No trailer for the Streaming audience. Rumor is also saying that ABC tonight will only have the Sizzle reel so who knows when we will get to see the trailer outside of bootlegs… However it has been leaked that Vader shows up at the end. So yay?

Davestrrr: Definitely “yay” on the Vader point. I don’t know how, but we’ll figure out a way to watch the trailer tonight. If you see it, send us a link on twitter!

Mazlow01: Not going to lie I’m disappointed we didn’t get the trailer, its not like North Americans(the largest part of the Star Wars audience) would have an easy time of it to get there.  I get CE exclusives but make it be toys or giveaways not stuff EVERYONE wants to see. But that’s just me.


Then there was Baze and Chirrut. Many people have pointed out that Baze actor Jiang Wen let it slip that the characters played by actors to his right die in the movie. It seemed like his English was limited and had trouble explaining and let it slip! Gwendoline Christie then said “I’m afraid you have to cut it there”, further indicating that Jiang said too much.

Davestrrr: This was a bit of a surprise. I guess that means that Jyn, Bodhi, and Cassian all bite the dust trying to recover the plans. That is a bit unexpected! I’m not 100% I wanted to know this, actually! We’d probably find out sooner or later.

Mazlow01: I’m wondering if he means ALL the characters die. Which I have to be honest makes sense in a way. None of them show up again… though if its just Jyn, Bodhi, Cassian, and Chirrut I wouldn’t be surprised if K2SO survived and I’m almost certain that Saw does as he has a role in the rebellion according to the book Bloodline.

Stay tuned to for updates MWF!