Weekly Star Wars Recap #49: July 25th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars fans. The Star Wars world has just eased out of both Celebration Europe and San Diego Comic Con. And now, we’re back again to bring you another weekly recap of Star Wars newsy goodness. Let’s get right into it.


Episode VIII filming has officially wrapped

Although we have known for a long time that various actors in the film have wrapped, we got an official confirmation from StarWars.com that filming has wrapped for Episode VIII. That means Rian will have basically a year and half for post production. I wouldn’t be surprised is Episode IX was filming before VIII was released. Strikingly, this date pretty much coincides with when Mark Hamill said it would!


Rian Johnson on his inspiration for Episode VIII

Rian Johnson has named Raiders of the Lost Ark as one of this inspirations for the next installment of the Star Wars episodic saga. This was just after Rian Johnson had named “12 O’clock High” and other classics as inspiration for the film. This is a great choice. Raiders is a fast-paced movie, with relatively little exposition and explanation, yet still makes total sense. The other Spielberg films are also much loved by Star Wars fans. While we’re talking about Rian Johnson, he also dropped this image to his instagram account:

Very cool! this was when he first heard about the characters that would be in TFA before he read the script. What an exciting time that would have been. We can’t wait to see what scraps of paper emerged at the start of writing Episode VIII.

JJ wants to see a spin-off move about the Knights of Ren

JJ Abrams, in an interview with Colider, has stated that he thinks that the Knights of Ren have an origin story that would be worthy of building a film around. Sounds like a cool idea. Would this involve a young version of Ben Solo? Maybe give us a peak of who they are and how they relate to Snoke/Kylo? Fans may have to wait many years for such a film…

Speaking of spin-offs, might we see a Han Solo trilogy?

New emerged today about a Han Solo trilogy on Star Wars News Net. This isn’t a bad idea, but I’m thinking that the fact that Alden Ehrenreich is cast for three films is because he will play roles in the rumored Boba Fett film and untitled follow up. There is a lot of rumor that there is a cameo in Rogue One, so it’s even possible that this news includes that as part of the “three film deal”.


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