Weekly Star Wars Recap #51: August 8th 2016

Another week another recap. Not a lot of new stories this week but what we do have focuses on Future Tv projects and Rogue One news. We expect Rogue One will be front and center until December so get hyped! Spoilers Ahead

Jimmy Smits confirms Rogue One Cameo on the View 

Can you say small part? So yes he is in Rogue One if only very briefly. I’m guessing a quick line about his daughter having the plans now or heading back to Alderaan? Either way I love that Rogue One has done what it can to have these prequel actors resume their roles. I think this is so cool to have this cameo. It makes Rogue One like a “sequel” to Revenge of the Sith, and a “prequel” to A New Hope. This kind of thing adds great connective tissue to the saga.

NBC is going to be showing the new Rogue One Trailer during the Olympics this Thursday. 

I suspect this will have some of the same new shots from the Celebration trailer but it will be different. Probably longer with more new footage. I’m hoping we get to see a full shot of Vader with his lightsaber drawn. That would make my freaking month! That would also be the kind of thing that would wake up the casual fan.

Rogue One reshoots are done! 

Looks like they got that done quickly… perhaps the initial information was overblown BS? Either way I trust in Kathy Kennedy and Lucasfilm. As we’ve stated before, these kinds of reshoots are par for the course.

ABC and Lucasfilm are discussing a Live action Star Wars show

I love the idea of a live action Star Wars show but its important to temper this idea with one important thought, talking about buying a house isn’t actually buying a house. I don’t want to get ready to move until the ink is dry.

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