Weekly Star Wars Recap #53: August 22nd 2016

Welcome back, dear readers! Well another slow week in Star Wars news doesn’t it feel like we knew most of TFA’s plot by now and we haven’t really learned that much about Rogue One… I wonder if People are protecting their sources or Lucasfilm has locked down things better than before? Anyhoo, let’s see what we got!

Cliffs in Rogaland could be in Star Wars
Cliffs in Rogaland could be in Star Wars

According to the Aftenposten’s Pulpit newspaper in Norway, Star Wars has been scouting locations. 

This wouldn’t be a surprise to me, Norway is a beautiful country that would be a great new location. My only wonder is what movie would it be for? Episode IX or Han Solo? Interesting that the sources describes it as for a “final scene”.

Lucasfilm, EW.com

Starwarsnewsnet.com broke down some of the shooting schedule and trailer pieces to show a potential flashback in Rogue One. 

This is some really excellent work by the SWNN crew. They made certain leaps but everyone of them appears to be backed by logic and I honestly believe they got it right here. Not sure if it will be a Flashback or perhaps a cold start for the movie though. Lots of detail and I also kind of expected that there will be a good chance that the Stormtrooper doll will be Jyn’s.

Day one!

A photo posted by Rian Johnson (@riancjohnson) on

Rian Johnson has begin to edit Episode VIII ! 

OK am I the only one that thinks its crazy early in the process to be editing VIII already? Its basically a year and half away from release. Makes me wonder if they really needed the extra 7 months for a December release or just liked how well TFA did and decided to make December Star Wars month. I think Garth had an edit for Rogue One done in what February or March? So man does that give Episode IX a head start!

There is an article at StarWars.com about Alan Tudyk becoming K2S0

From the article:

Kaytoo was formerly an Imperial droid, so he used to be on the other side. He was a security droid and then Cassian, Diego Luna’s character, who owns Kaytoo, has done a memory wipe and reprograms Kaytoo to be a Rebel with the Alliance. Through that process, Kaytoo’s personality changes.

We knew most of this already. Can’t say there is too much new info here, but still a good read.

Empire Magazine has some cool Rogue One cover art.

Lucasfilm/Empire Magazine
Lucasfilm/Empire Magazine

Looks like the issue will be available only to subscribers, so you’ll have to wait to get a copy. Check the link for details. Here is another cover with Director Krennic.


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