Weekly Star Wars Recap #54: August 29th 2016

Another week, another recap. While the speculation world has picked up, we are still looking for news. Not sure if people are sitting on information or if the sources have dried up but man is it a rough time in the news business of Star Wars. That said, we do have a few nuggets of newsy goodness. Lets jump into what we have.

Jedi Temple Archives
Jedi Temple Archives

New leaked Figures!

The Jedi Temple Archives has several new figures including info on Jyn and a new trooper.

So its now doubly confirmed that Eadu is another new planet. So we will see at least 3 planets possibly four in Rogue One and Rebels. I also really liked the look of the “Ground Crew” I wonder what they do exactly? This is a follow up to their leak last week.


A bunch of new Images from Empire on Rogue One

Here is a link to a dump of the images from Empire Magazine. Here is an article at StarWarsNewsNet discussing them.

This is really nothing new except for the new outfit of Jyn. Is this her Eadu outfit? Is this before she is recruited for the mission? I’m intrigued as it doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen her in before.


Daisy Ridley discusses The Episode VIII title

The My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast had Daisy Ridley on where she discussed Star Wars.

Apparently they had a title at one point but the tone and script was changed enough that it may not work now… That is pretty interesting, we know there were rewrites right before they started filming so I wonder what these changes were. Obviously they must have changed part of the plot if Daisy thinks the title she heard may no longer work.

Potential Episode VIII Trailer Release date?

There is an leak on Reddit with an image of alleged release dates for trailers including Episode VIII. The image says Dec 20th, 2016, just 4 days after Rogue One hits theaters. At first glance, this seems odd because this is four days after the launch of Rogue One, but it could also make perfect sense considering they may want to give Rogue One some time to have its time in the spotlight.


Rogue One 3D Glasses

There have been a couple of sources that have reported on new special 3D glasses for Rogue One, featuring Stormtrooper lenses. Pretty cool!

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