Rebels: A Show that Matters.

For most people there are two Star Wars: the big trilogy movies and everything else. In the old Lucasfilm, that was pretty much true; anything in the EU could and would be ignored by Lucas himself. Nothing they did mattered to Universe in which the Trilogy films were created. Under the new Lucasfilm this has changed and that means Rebels is much more important than just a kids cartoon. Let’s look at what that can tell us about what we can expect from Rebels this year.

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The Second Ring: Revisiting the Ring Theory with hidden parallels

With the recent release of The Prequels Strike Back documentary, I’ve been thinking about the “Ring Theory”. If you haven’t seen the documentary¬†yet, I suggest you dish out the $3 and rent it for a couple days. Beyond the prequels, this documentary puts forth one of the most intelligent readings of both the prequels and the original trilogy I’ve seen. It is known that one of the first inspirations of this documentary was the Ring Theory. After starting the documentary, they realized there was so much more to talk about, and they definitely went beyond the ring theory. Now that TFA is out, I’d like to take a moment to ponder how the sequel trilogy fits into the broader structure of the Star Wars saga.

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The one in the middle: the Bendu

A recent clip previewing for Star Wars Rebels emerged on the web, showing Kanan talking to a brand new character to Star Wars: the Bendu. Although we’ve never seen this character in any TV or movie, the concept of the Bendu goes way back. Let’s take a moment to see where the Bendu came from, and where they could be going.

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The Jedi from the PT to ST

Ten days ago Pablo Hidalgo from the Lucasfilm story group unleashed a series of tweets about the nature of the force. Its been going over in my mind ever since. To me it reveals so much about the Prequels, Orginal trilogy and the Sequels ¬†and what role the Jedi played. I’m going to get into it here.

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Rogue One: The Alderaan Connection

Rogue One will be released in just 3 months from today! Hard to believe it’s coming so fast. Meanwhile, we’ll have a new season of Rebels to tie us over starting next week. It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan. Now, I would like to take a moment to ask the question of where the protagonist, Jyn Erso is from. Potential spoilers in what follows, so be careful!

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Ahsoka’s Adventure in the Underworld

The end of Season 2 of Rebels left fans with a lot of questions about the outcome of Ahsoka’s story. What happened to her? We’ve recently got a little bit of info about where she may have ended up, but don’t expect a concrete answer. The answer is a bit abstract, but very intriguing. Possible spoilers for Rebels below, so be careful!

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The theme in Star Wars post Lucas

There seems to be an underlying trend in all the new Star Wars, no matter the media, and that is exploring the ancient history and culture of the Galaxy. This is not shoved down our throats as the main arc in any story but it also isn’t exactly subtle. Today we’re going to explore examples of this and what it means for future stories.

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Who is Galen Erso?

When Mads Mikkelsen was cast in Rogue One most people got pretty excited. We figured him for a prominent role most likely a villain. We have learned that this isn’t true, he is not a villain and it is unlikely that his role is very large. It will still be very important though. Lets look into who he is and what we expect in this year’s Rogue One.

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Which Vader will we see in Rogue One?

At the end of the Revenge of the Sith, we saw a little bit of a different Darth Vader. For it was right after the death of his wife Padme, and the presumed death of his unborn children. He let out a much maligned “NoooOOOooooo!”, and for the remainder of the movie quietly walked and folded his arms until the end. The question is, will we see this solemn, low-energy Vader, or will we see the Vader from A New Hope, who is full of intensity and determination?

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