Weekly Star Wars Recap #56: Sept. 12th 2016

Another Monday another recap. We have news and clips from all over the Star Wars media empire. So lets jump into what we learned last week and what it means!

Pablo Hidalgo unleashed a tweet storm about the nature of the Force. 

This is pretty cool information and puts not only the prequel era Jedi into perspective but also gives us a hint as to what we can expect from Luke. The Jedi order ways aren’t something he is going to hold on to. It also makes me wonder about the prophecy and perhaps what Anakin did was realign how the Force was used. Really cool stuff, we might write about this later in the week.

Pablo also makes some really cool parallels with the real world and how exceptional people in our world could be tapping into something like the Force.

Rebels clip shows Ezra doing some “un-Jedi” like things. 

I would love this show if Maul wasn’t on it. (Note this is Mazlow01’s opinion only) Ezra is headed for a downfall with the Darkside and it is amazing. I don’t think the crew can survive to ANH or past it but Ezra’s journey is still great to watch.

One things for sure, we’re all hoping that this season is direct and meaningful with no “off-shoot” episodes that don’t contribute to an overall story arc for the season. There is huge potential with all exciting characters intersecting in this series. Rebels returns with a new Season on September 24th! Also, check this new trailer here!

New Images of Rogue One Artwork

Starwarsunderworld has a plethora of images from Pyramid International with Rogue One artwork. The first one look like a previous leak, but the rest seem pretty to knew to us.

Wow! These are fantastic looking. While there is no ground breaking information I really think you should take the time to look over these.

Pre-visla (left) talking to Bo-Katan (right). Lucasfilm
Pre-Vizsla (left) talking to Bo-Katan (right). Lucasfilm

The Return of Bo-Katan?

Katie Sackoff confirmed she will be returning to voice her Clone Wars character on Rebels. Evidence points to her returning to play Bo-Katan.

Ok I just said I would love this show if… and I’m going to add another if. Rebels CONSTANTLY using Clone Wars characters does two things that I don’t like, worships at the alter of Fan service and makes the galaxy seem too small. Let sleeping characters lie and introduce more new ones! That said, Bo-Katan does fit into the story since Sabine Wren is deepening her connections with her roots on Mandalore.

No Maz Kanata scences filmed yet.

Collider confirms Lupita hasn’t shot her Maz Kanata scenes yet. This is pretty interesting to me. It tells me her scenes will be small and that she doesn’t interact much with the cast. That is a little disappointing. Though I did see something on twitter that made think of another idea. The twitter comment was that it could be any cameos, like Lando, could be shot later that will include Maz. This got me wondering. What if Maz is the one that brings in Lando. Post Leia being hurt Maz recruits an old friend(Lando) and they show up together not long before or after Leia recovers.

Rian Johnson Tumblr
Rian Johnson Tumblr

This news of no Lupita belies the fact that Rian Johnson posted an image of Maz during what looks like a motion capture screening to his tumblr account way back in April. This raises the other possibility is that there are scenes with some sort of place-holder actress for Maz, to be filled in later with Lupita. Time will tell on this one, but I do hope that Maz is used in some capacity. Yet another possibility is that Maz will be used very sparingly in this one, and she will come back in a big way in Episode IX.

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