Weekly Star Wars Recap #59: October 3rd, 2016

Hello, and welcome to another edition of the weekly Star Wars recap! We have a few pieces of news for you. As usual, potential spoilers below, so proceed with caution.

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

Warwick Davis says Episode VIII will have a cliffhanger ending.

In a recent interview with Warwick Davis, confirmed that he will be in Episode VIII.  He also shed some light on the tone of Episode VIII. He says:

Obviously we’re moving into the territory of Episode VIII very soon as well, and much like Empire Strikes Back I’m sure it’s going to deliver some quite impactful story moments, and it’ll leave us with some cliffhangers as well which resolve in Episode IX.

This sounds probably like a bit speculation from Davis. He says “I’m sure it’s going to…”, so it sounds like a prediction of some kind. Every Star Wars trilogy ends in a cliffhanger, and we expect this one to be no different. The big question is, how much exactly does Warwick know about Episode VIII? He won’t describe his character or his role in Episode VIII, so presumably there is some sort of NDA as usual. It makes me think though, wouldn’t it be cool if they gave Warwick Davis a really big part of some kind in this film?


New Rogue One Images!

A bunch of new Rogue One images were uncovered by MakingStarWars.net. These images came from some images for cardboard standups and some Topps patch cards. Some pretty cool ones in there. Among them is the L1 droid, that doesn’t look like anything I have seen before. Here is an eBay post for a Topps patch with the L-1 droid.


Saw Gerrera has a robotic leg.

There was a reddit post recently revealing the Pop toy for Saw Gerrera. The interesting thing is the fact that he has a robotic right leg. This sheds a lot of light on past reports that we’ve covered suggesting that he bears a lot of similarity with Vader. Looking at the figure, I would also believe that his left arm is robotic as well. It looks like this guy had some serious injuries in the past and, much like Anakin, has become more machine than man.


Will we see Kenobi or Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Rebels?

The latest episode of Star Wars Rebels Holocrons of Fate, Maul and Ezra merge two Holocrons (one Jedi and one Sith). According to Bendu, this gives one the power to ask any question. It appears after the fact that Maul had asked if Obi Wan Kenobi was alive. Maul goes off muttering “He’s alive” and gets in his ship. It isn’t clear whether Maul knows where Kenobi is, but there is a good chance he was given clues. Ezra asks how to destroy the Sith, and sees something. He then says “twin suns”. The powerful suggestion is that Ezra sees Luke on Tatooine, because in many ways Luke is the key to destroying the Sith. In a recent interview with i09  Dave Filoni says responds to whether the “twin suns” refers to Tatooine. Dave says:

I would say that in the Star Wars universe, a planet with twin suns is almost the most common kind of planet.

However, there is a good chance he is playing it coy. After all, fans know that Luke was pivotol to destroying the Sith in RotJ. It’s of course interesting that Maul’s nemesis, Kenobi, and the key to destroying the Sith, Skywalker, are both on the same planet at this point in the saga. I think this all points to a good chance, as fans have proposed, that we’ll see Kenobi (and possibly Luke) at some point in the future.


This may be more plausible than it seems. Fans that read the comics will know that Kenobi (and young Luke) just appeared in the Star Wars comic, which also gave some of the backstory of why Uncle Owen doesn’t trust Obi Wan.

Rogue One likely to be PG-13 based on Russian poster


Source: Starwarsnewsnet.com

I’m too surprised by this to be honest. I would be shocked if from now on that is the demographic that Star Wars occupies. This will be the 3rd PG-13 Star Wars movie in a row and I expect  that Episode VIII will be PG-13 as well.


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