Rogue One: Final Trailer

So there is a new Rogue One Trailer, have you seen it? Of course you have! If you visit Spoiled Blue Milk, you are a spoiler hound with your nose to the ground. We’re going to breakdown what we saw all saw in to and make a few educated speculative guesses that will help everyone understand what we should expect from this movie. Earmuffs kids, potential spoilers ahead.

Just in case you haven’t seen the trailer go watch it here. Now that its out of the way lets look into what we have going on. I have lightened up some of these photos to get more clarity on what they contain.

All photos copyright Lucasfilm

This is Krennic’s ship landing on Galen’s homeworld before he is forced into imperial service. This is part of/most likely the start of the “Flashback” in Rogue One. Plot twist on that rumor, I believe its not a flashback but how the movie starts. We will then flash forward 15 years or so to Jyn in prison(see below). If indeed this is Galen’s home world, then that certainly questions our previous hypothesis that this world is Alderaan. OK, so maybe we shouldn’t count that theory out just yet, but looking less likely.


I lightened up this photo and you can now see that the ship is landed and Krennic and his Death Troopers are already walking towards Galen. Galen is standing next to a classic moisture vaporator, very reminiscent of the original Star Wars.


That face says it all, come or I kill your family. There is another shot that appears to show Jyn looking out at this scene. I’m pretty sure Galen has said its just him there and Krennic knows he’s lying and is willing to let it go if he comes quietly. Galen will. He tells his daughter that whatever he does, he is doing for her. This guy is shaping up to be a tragic character. Forced to do science for the Empire against his wishes just to save his family.


Another photo I have lightened and you can really see the detail on Jyn’s alien cellmate. Felicity Jones just was just interviewed and referred to her “many tentacled friend”, could this be this cell mate? Twitter user @StarWarsJunk provides a close-up of this alien character:




This is a shot of Jeddha and I think its supposed to make us think that is where Jyn is imprisoned but I don’t think that is correct. The guys at @SWU podcast have pointed out that when Jyn gets her shackles removed, it is in a different location than the jail cell. There is a chance that Jyn is locked up at multiple times in the movie.


After lightening up this shot we can now see what is likely Jyn’s Squidfaced friend is no longer behind bars which tells me this is a later shot that the on where they are in prison, possibly during an escape. Perhaps they are being transported?


Again they don’t appear to be in the same place as we first saw Jyn and Cassian is wearing something that reminds me of Jyn’s Eadu figure. I suspect that this is where she is being held.


There has been a lot said about this shot and I just want to comment on thing I keep seeing. Its NOT Obi-wan. He has a beard and Jedi robes… that is about where it ends. He’s just a random Jedi statue from centuries or millennium past. We’ve reported in the past how Jedha is likely the location of the first lightsaber, and quite possibly the location where the Jedi first formed. This statue could be connected to that, and a monument of the Jedi origins. Definitely very cool. They have said that there will be no Jedi in this film, but they will certainly be “in the film”, if only through shots like this.


Before lightening this shot I like many thought it was on Scariff, however as you can now see it matches either Jeddha or perhaps Eadu


This shot is tied to that previous shot. Perhaps his presence along with the crystals needed is why they bring the Death Star to Jedha? Or Eadu is a prison type planet and he is being held there as an “honored guest”. It’s possible that this large structure is related to the construction of the Death Star, and might be some sort of launching off point into space to deliver construction equipment.


HAHA! Oh Bodhi….


Someone should tell Krennic its a bad idea to brag about power to Vader. This will be where Vader is introduced, to oversee the final construction of the Death Star or its first test at Jeddha. Krennic seems very confident when dealing with Vader. I’d be a little careful if I was him.


Hey that looks a lot better than the Death Star in A New Hope, continuity error! Except no. This is obviously post Jedha attack when the Rogue One crew got scans of the Death Star to take back to the Rebel command. What we see in A New Hope are the schematics that they steal later in the film.


This lady is playing right into what the Empire wants. Fear and loss of Hope.


But Jyn is there to remind them. I like this character.



Fighting on Jedha with Moroff in the shot. Will he the Rogue One Zuvio or something more?


This is the Imperial base on Scariff, that platform to the right is I believe where we see Jyn running towards a TIE in the last trailer. This is really looking fantastic. A great juxtaposition of beach and Star Wars space-age structures.


Cassian on the base in disguise.


Trick or Treat! I’m sorry but that is all I see in this photo…well this scene sort of reminds me of Han and Luke infiltrating the Death Star in A New Hope. K2 not being in a disguise reminds me of Chewie not being in a disguise. Although with K2 it’s because he an Imperial droid.


Here we get a good example of how Baze looks out for Chirrut. This looks to be a continuation of the battle we have seen in other trailers. We also get a good look at Edrio Two Tubes.


Is this Jeddha or Eadu? More and more I think Eadu. Its where they get Jyn out of captivity and perhaps they even go back to get her dad.


Looks like a man that is making a decision that is going to save people but end with him dead doesn’t it? I don’t think so…


This is him running to the ship WITH the plans we saw in Jyn’s hands in previous trailers. Why does he now have them? Where is Jyn or Cassian? Perhaps the look on his face from the previous shot is more “Everyone is dead” than “I’ve got to sacrifice myself for the others”. This makes it look like the plans are going to be like a “football” being passed from rebel to rebel. This will make for a cool chase scene for sure.


Dog Fight! Star Wars with actually space battles. This appears to be over Scariff, perhaps it is part of the super structure used to build the Death Star or a station like the old droid command stations that provided security for the Death Star while it was under construction. X-wings never looked better and this looks like it will be some amazing action.


Raining so again I think Eadu. They haven’t added Bodhi to the crew yet.


Here is the beginning of the destruction of Jedha. I don’t think the planet is destroyed but this city and its surrounding are. This where we get the ship escaping surrounded by sand in our previous trailer.


You done pissed off Vader… This is not the same scene as the one we saw earlier in the Trailer. I suspect this is where Vader kills Krennic and probably his Death Troopers.


This is post the landing scene from above (Galen’s hair is wet) and I’m guessing after the empire has figured out he smuggled a communication out. Galen is in trouble with Krennic.


Damn that is pretty, and yet this is the War Movie that both Gareth Edwards and Gary Whitta.



These last two are out of order and have no special significance besides Chirrut. Look at that grin, he’s going to be a fan favorite. I just wanted to say that.

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