Weekly Star Wars Recap #61: October 17th 2016

Rogue One dominated the news cycle this past week and for good reason. A trailer was released and it was awesome. There is a little more out there so lets jump on in the recap, as always spoilers ahead.

The Final Trailer

We gave our takes on this last week so no need to go over that again right?

The Poster

Copyright Lucasfilm
Copyright Lucasfilm

Holy cow is this pretty. The top focus on our new characters almost all of the Rebels, with only Krennic of the Empire making the cut for the poster. The composition and the fact that it appears paint rather than photo-shopped makes it even better.

20 new Rogue One images via Topps

Lucasfilm Topps
Lucasfilm Topps

Makingstarwars has compiled all the images. Nothing ground breaking but still some cool Easter eggs


GQ interview with Mads Mikkelsen

Via GQ

One of the stand out parts was that he worked with 3 different aged actresses for Jyn. .

I worked with Jyn at three stages, and three different ages, so there was a little kid that was four, one that was eight, and then there was Felicity.

We’ve seen the 8 year old in the trailers so there is going to be another shot at least with Jyn and her father at an even younger age. Very interesting. I suspect that all three will be toward the beginning of the movie, but not sure. For example, the first age is when Krennic saves Galen’s family, the second is when Krennic “recruits” Galen to work on the Death Star. The third is Felicity Jones.

Super Cut of the Rogue One trailers

Finally HypeBeast has a great super cut put together in as close to the timeline as they can figure out. I have to admit it got more excited than any one of the previous trailers.


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