Weekly Star Wars Recap #64: November 7th 2016

It’s Monday, Star Wars fans, so it’s time to catch you up on all the news we got last week relating to upcoming Star Wars movies and TV. Strap in and beware potential spoilers are ahead.

3 new TV spots/commercial tie ins for Rogue One

So the two commercials may or may not be showing us footage from the film but they definitely give us more of an idea of the War film look and feel. The first one give us what I believe is a mash up of several “Rouse the Troops” type speeches from Jyn. Some of the shots in the razor commercial definitely look like real stuff from the film.

ABC to have Rogue One special

I am guessing this will be a featurette? Maybe up to 30 mins explaining what to expect and get the general public aware. Disney owns ABC, so the actual network here is no surprise. We’ll be looking forward to something cool. Note the date. This is basically Thanksgiving, and fans will recall that two years ago the first trailer for TFA was released on Thanksgiving. This is a great time to release this kind of stuff because families will be together and on break, and will be able to sit around the TV and enjoy the Star Wars goodness.

SWNN is reporting there will be NO opening crawl for Rogue One

This isn’t a surprise. Even though in the past Star Wars’ small films and TV shows have used a crawl I don’t think they should be used for anything outside of the Main storyline films. How will they open the movie? It could be just a Lucasfilm logo and then straight to the flashback. There was that one little piece that we saw at Celebration where we had the Star Wars: A New Hope opening crawl, but it then zoomed in on the part about the “Rebel spies”. I half-thought that this kind of an intro would be used in some capacity, but maybe it will be only used in TV spots like the aforementioned ABC spot above.

MSW has TWO costume stories on Episode VIII

The first we covered extensively on Friday. Luke may be in for a costume change. Could this take place after the fight with Kylo Ren?

The second revolves around a change in Kylo’s outfit where he adopts even more of a Vader look. Perhaps this is after the fight that Kylo and the Knights of Ren have with Rey & Luke as well? What is it about that fight that motivates both Luke and Kylo to alter their appearance?

Bradford Young talks Han Solo Film

Collider has an interview with the cinematographer Bradford Young of the Han Solo Star Wars film. He talks about how the story is unexpected and dramatic. The article also mentions how the Directors are known for taking films that might be considered a “bad idea”( 21 and 22 Jump Street, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and The LEGO Movie,) and make the very enjoyable… I have never thought of them that way but its so true. I’m suddenly much more optimistic about this film. I also like how he refers to the directors as “cats”.

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