Weekly Star Wars Recap #65: November 14th 2016

Hello! It’s time for another edition of the weekly Star Wars recap! It’s the time when we go over the news of the past week and keep you up to date. There’s just 31 days — just one month — left until Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and you might say the official material is really starting hit its stride.

International Trailers

First off, there were at least 3 “Official” International trailers. Here is the first one:

Also check out the second and third official international trailers! We got some cool new footage here including what looks like Vader chocking someone… To me this supports my idea that Vader wipes out Krennic and his Death troopers.

New TV Spot

There was also an official TV spot released November 11th:

Rogue One gets a PG13 rating.

Reddit user primaryguy reports a leak that suggests that Rogue One could have an MPA rating of PG13! Not that big of a surprise with all the war movie talk. What scenes will push it this rating? We suspect it will some serious violence, but it isn’t clear what scenes will bring it to this? It could be something like the destruction of Jedha. We don’t know if it’s the whole planet, or just the plateau structure seen here:


There is another…Alan Tudyk reveals there are more K2s.

This video clip comes from the latest edition of the Star Wars show. We learn that K2S0 isn’t unique in terms what type of droid he is, but his programming by Diego Luna’s character Cassian Andor gives him a unique walk and personality. He is one of many, but there is still something special about this one. It’s really cool to see that the Empire continued to use droids for battle and security after the Clone Wars.

Star Wars Episode IX will get the 65mm treatment

Star Wars News Net reports that director Colin Trevorrow has decided to shoot the entire film in 65mm film, as well as use IMAX cameras for some shots. As a side note, the article also states that Episode VIII will not be using IMAX at all, and will only be shot in 35mm. It isn’t clear what sort of logistical reasons prevented VIII from using IMAX at all, but it could just be the fact that there are a finite number of IMAX cameras in the world. You’d think they could have built one special or Rian Johnson though. Nevertheless, there are logistical constraints on getting those cameras, shipping them all over the world for filming at various locations. I can only assume it’s something like that for Episode VIII. The only other reason would be that Episode VIII is smaller and more intimate shots which removes the effectiveness or usefulness of an IMAX camera.

What sort of effect will 65mm vs 35mm have? We know that 65mm is wider and higher resolution. It could make for an easier conversion to hi-res formats such as 4K.

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