Rogue One: We know nothing!

OK  so maybe that title a bit of hyperbole but still we don’t really know much about Rogue One compared to what we knew about The Force Awakens. Heck I’d say we know almost as much about Episode VIII as we know about Rogue One and Rogue One will be out in less than a month! Today we’re going to talk about what we know and explore why we don’t know more.



We know the characters’ names and some of their basic background… and that is about it. We have no idea when in the movie they meet or why. We can make certain assumptions based on the clips we have seen in the trailers but those are merely assumptions. We think that Baze and Chirrut  join the group on Jedha but we can’t be sure. They might just join the group going to Jedha because they are familiar with it. We also don’t know! There have been pieces of speeches from Jyn and Saw but we don’t know what they are about, when they happen or why they are giving these speeches to rouse the troops(again assumed).



That image represents almost all we know about the plot of Rogue One. Really that is it. We wrote about this before, that we really just don’t know. Sure we know that the Death Star fires it main weapon at some point and it appears to be on Jedha but we don’t know why or when in the movie this happens.  We know that several planets are involved as in every star wars film and there is a space battle. But again we don’t have a timeline just guesses. We know Jyn joins the main rebellion to after they intercept a transmission but we don’t know where Jyn goes after this and who is with her how the team is built etc. For all we know they all join up on Yavin 4! As of right now the news and spoiler sites have not released much or it appears know much. Why?

Why don’t we know

I don’t want to sound like a downer here, we do know that certain things happen and quite a few things at that, the problem is we don’t know when or why and if you are a spoiler hound like us at Spoiledbluemilk, then you have ask why don’t we know. What has caused the spoiler drought and lets be clear it is a drought. We had the plot, almost all the scenes, and  how the characters met interacted etc all known months ahead of TFA. Heck we had stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor! But we don’t have nearly that much from Rogue One. Unless its come from an official source we haven’t heard Jack. There could be a couple of reasons for this. One the sources that provided information on TFA aren’t working on Rogue One and are instead on Episode VIII. This seems the most likely. Two the sites that released all that information have been warned behind the scenes to not report or be sued. I find this unlikely as they most likely would have been sued during the TFA build up if that was the goal. Third the Rogue One team is doing a better job of keeping secrets. This seems unlikely because if anything they seem to be more open and less worried about spoilers. But by limiting the spoilers being released Lucasfilm and Disney can control the information surrounding Rogue One and therefore in theory control the narrative around it.

The lack of solid plot information is probably the biggest concern of spoiler hounds like us for one simple reason… what if Episode VIII is the same?  Solid information leads to quality speculation and excitement for the base fans that eat sleep and breathe Star Wars and the question is does the lack of it end up hurting or helping Rogue One? If Lucasfilm/Disney are keeping tighter wraps on production, it enables them to produce content such as “The Star Wars Show” and other promotional material and release them as they see fit. However, the drawback is the anticipation could be lessened. Leaks and rumors spread like wildfire, and provide free promotion of the movie. It will be interesting to see how this “locked-down” approach will translate into ticket sales compared to The Force Awakens, which had many leaks, and did amazing in the box office.


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