Weekly Star Wars Recap #67: November 28th 2016

What day is it? Recap day! We have few bits of information focused on Rogue One and of course Episode VIII. Let’s dive on into the news and remember potential spoilers ahead. P.S. 17 days until Rogue One!

First Shot of Jimmy Smits as Bale Organa in Rogue One

Although we’ve known about Bale Organa being in the film for a few weeks now, this is our first view of his new costume! The article states that Bale has fallen in ranks, and isn’t at the same political stature that he once was.

New Shots from Rogue One!

EW, Lucasfilm
EW, Lucasfilm

There are some great new shots here from Empire Magazine (in Spanish). Love the droid tending to the moisture vaporators. However, do they really need to mine moisture on that planet? The article also confirms that there will be no lightsaber fight, but are they forgetting Vader? I’d be surprised and perhaps a bit disappointed if he didn’t #ignitethered!

JediNews has a report from a fan that saw 20 min of Rogue One in Mexico.

This is a very encouraging piece of information. I really liked the idea that it was Star Stars, but not Star Wars. There is a difference in this movie which I hope is carried on in the other future A Star Wars Story movies. I also noticed that it seems we start off with Jyn as a child so my idea (@mazlow01’s) of no flashback looks correct. We start in the past then move forward. This seems to be more in the style of Gaurdians of the GalaxySource.

Run Time is 133 mins for Rogue One

This is expected… all Star Wars movies seem to be of a similar run time. We’ll also point out that this is the same run time that was rumored over a month ago. Now we have official confirmation. Source

Rogue One could decide the Future of Star Wars films.

This story form EW is MAYBE being over blown. I do think that if Rogue One bombs they will adjust their plans in the future but as long as it does ok they will be happy to continue with a plan  of new star wars at minimum every other year. Source

Possible teaser for Episode VIII on Rogue One

SWNN is reporting that it is on the table… that would be cool and they have been done with shooting long enough to get one together but for some reason I doubt it. I think they will attempt to give Rogue One breathing room like they did for TFA and Rogue One. However, I (@davestrrr) wouldn’t be surprised at all if we get a 20 second montage, with a lot of blank-screen interludes between brief shots, and some classic John Williams notes. Recall that we had our first teaser for TFA two years early at Thanksgiving 2014.

Possible lines from Luke Skywalker

It fits the idea of a Star Wars movie but Zeroh is not the most reliable source…He was still saying Luke had a large part in TFA until the day before.  Still it’d be cool, perhaps its a line from the above mentioned teaser? What’s cool about the linked IGN video is they also state that Hamill had praised the dialogue of the movie, stating that it could end up on a T-shirt. Here is the aledged line:“you contain the spark that will rekindle the fire.” Source

Tarkin in Rogue One

We just got this new shot in, admittedly it’s from the back, but it’s pretty clear that it’s Tarkin. Will we see his face from the front with CGI of some sort? I wouldn’t write this one off yet. I think the technology is definitely there for a low-light shot.

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