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Morbid isn’t it? For months we have seen different statements across the internet relating to characters that live and die and how Disney wouldn’t allow X to die/happen. I believe its either wishful thinking or the Disney bias that people for some reason have so lets have some fun with it. This is our official pool of who dies and lives. We all know that they steal the plans for the Death Star, the unknown is how many of the characters will make it. Some of this is speculation some is known, so beware spoilers ahead. 


Jyn Erso

USA Today
USA Today

Our main character, responsible for leading the team that steals the plans. Kathleen Kennedy calls her “ a kind of Joan of Arc in the story. What happened to Joan of Arc again?

Verdict: DEAD Sacrifices herself to get the help get the data-tapes off world. This will no doubt be a very emotional moment in the movie, and a key dramatic pay-off to the viewers. 

Captain Cassian Andor 


He’s the co-leader and Jyn’s right hand. Dedicated to the cause completely.

Verdict: DEAD I’m thinking he dies right before Jyn to give teh crew the crew/Jyn time.

Chirrut Imwe


He is a warrior monk who is blind and, while he can’t use the Force, believes in it. He again is a true believer in the cause. Warrior Monk is a trope and it has a certain requirement in movies like this. We also know from Jiang Wen’s accidental reveal that Chirrut will die.

Verdict: DEAD.  The question is how. According to @mazlow01’s theory, Vader kills him. @davestrr might disagree and think his demise will be a bit more mundane, but still meaningful.

Baze Malbus

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Jiang Wen) Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm LFL
©Lucasfilm LFL

Best friend to Chirrut he supports him looks out for him but doesn’t share his beliefs.

Verdict: LIVES! The loss of his best friend will also make him open his mind to the force and his beliefs. He will take Chirrut’s place as a Whills/church of the force member after this battle.

Bodhi Rook 


Hot shot pilot that left the Empire for the Rebellion after seeing the cruelty of the Empire.

Verdict: LIVES! You can see him running to the U-wing in the trailer with the Data-tapes that were earlier in Jyn Erso’s hands. He gets them off world. If you want a second opinion on this, @davestrrr questions that he lives, and thinks that he will sacrifice himself to pass off the plans.


EW, Lucasfilm
EW, Lucasfilm

He is loyal to his master and i don’t think he would stand to have him killed and still survive himself.

Verdict: DEAD. Protecting Jyn and Cassian. I think his death could be an “Iron Giant” moment and be very very sad.

Galen Erso 


Designed the Death Star Weapon and sent out this message/plans to help teh Rebellion. Death Star weapon fires delivering proof of Concept.

Verdict: DEAD he gave the goods and betrayed the Empire no way Krennic or Vader lets him live.

Saw Gerrera


Leader of the Partisans and long time freedom fighter. Good family friend to the Ersos.

Verdict: LIVES! He has a role to play according to Bloodline and he will carry on after the loss of his friends Jyn and Galen.



He is a gunner on the U-wing. The U-wing I believe will make it off of Scarrif.

Verdict: LIVES! He survives it all because of his assignment. 

General Merrick


Not much known except he leads the space battle over Scarrif.

Verdict: DEAD helping defend Bodhi and Baze as they escape with the plans.



Not much is known but we believe he is a leader of a group during the ground assault.

Verdict: DEAD not many people making it off of Scarrif.



We’ve written extensively about him here

Verdict: LIVES! He helps with Saw’s missions after this battle.


Death Troopers

Yahoo Movies, MSW
Yahoo Movies, MSW

We never see these guys again in any other movies and they are personal force of Director Krennic. Verdict: ALL DEAD Some by the Rebels some at Vader’s hand

Director Krennic


Responsible for the construction of the Death Star he is also in charge when Galen Esro sends a message with a warning, when the plans are stolen AND fails to recapture them.

Verdict: DEAD Vader is going to force choke this guy so much.

All other main Empire Characters 


They are in ANH so…

Verdict: LIVES! For now…

Brought to you by @mazlow01 and @davestrrr. Stay tuned to for updates!