Weekly Star Wars Recap #68: December 5th, 2016

Hello everyone! We’re back to bring you another recap, and this time the floodgates are beginning to open up. We are in the home stretch, folks, with Rogue One less than two weeks way. The leaks may come so fast over the next couple of weeks that it will be hard to keep up. Let’s get into it, and as usual, beware if you don’t want anything to be spoiled.

Behind the Scenes Footage

There is an awesome new behind the scenes video out! Honestly, this one made me more excited than I’ve been about Rogue One in a long time. Check it out:

Vader without his suit?

Now that you’ve seen the BTS video above, did you catch Vader? Me neither until fans across the web posted the image. There is a quick shot of what looks like a mannequin  that’s lost his arms and legs in roughly the same way as Anakin, along with a breathing mask.

source: various reddit users including ugnaught77

Tons of new Footage

TV Spot, New Clip including Jimmy Smits, This great and funny new clip, another TV spot, …Frankly, we’re not able to keep up with all the new clips. Thanks to videos like this supercut from two weeks ago we can at least get a full view. If you think you’ve seen too much, don’t fret, Star Wars fans, we’ve probably only seen a combined 8 minutes of footage if that.

People have seen 28 minutes of Rogue One

Check out this article, for example. Many journalists got a sneak peak and several are reporting what they saw. Mostly spoiler-free, but some stuff in there. No opening crawl, as previously stated. Lots of the reviews are ecstatic. Here is a really good post on this from StarWarsUnderworld.com.

Episode IX shoot date set

According to this post at My Entertainment World, the start date for shooting has been set for April 2017. I can’t believe we’re already hearing about Episode IX when we’re this far out, but to be fair it isn’t that much info.

Actors playing Leia and Tarkin?

Ingvild Deila
Ingvild Deila

There was a post to reddit that claims to know the actors playing Leia and Tarkin. No guarantees here, but the choices do seem plausible. The Leia actress could work with hair dyed brown and no direct clear shots of her face. I mean, her face is close enough, but it might work better from the side. A little CGI thrown in and BOOM. Leia. Same with the Tarkin guy.

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